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Bridal mask is probably the best" jeoson / japan" era dramas.. i just love it, i am not comparing these two drama for they are different in theme but overall here are the similarities i saw:
1- the jeoson / japan era.
2- the freedom seekers and under-covered agents plus the under-covered male / female lead.
3- the bromance <3 (esp Chicago typewriter).
4- the war romance.
5- the old story of the male saving the female (become their first love).
6 - the goal of freeing the country which comes before anything else.
basically the main points u will notice too if u have seen both dramas.
and they are both worth watching although to me bridal mask is on a different level <3 :).
Recommended by misha2pm
Both shows have ghosts/supernatural beings that deal with their pasts. Both are also two of the best dramas of the past couple of years.
Recommended by disthymia
Both about past lives and how that affected the characters' current lives.

In both dramas, the leads remember their past.

Both have supernatural elements outside of the past life/future life trope.

Both have wonderful OSTs. CT is more artfully done while Legend is more quirky and fun.
Recommended by Irene
Both dramas are about japanesse ocupation and in both of them you can find beautiful love story.... but what i loved most about these dramas is that even if it had a love but did not get lost in it... i just loved watching their fight for independence... Also in both dramas characters just rocks. Of course Chicago typewriter is better drama, but Rookie agent rogue is great drama on it´s own way.
Recommended by ladytristeza
A patriotic woman disused as a male is part of a rebellious group out to remove Japanese corruption from her country out of Patriotism in both shows.
Both female leads are excellent at using a gun
Both female leads lost close family members are killed which is behind their motivation to be part of the rebel group.
Recommended by Bom Choi
Both male leads are writers who are fond of releasing consistent dark novels. Well, there's a story behind, but its story is interesting as characters' real personalities keep on developing. This is beyond a romcom drama! ^^

There's also a connection between Go Kyung Pyo and D.O. characters and the male leads that only them could experience.
Recommended by mickey
In both, main leads are carrying their past life memories to make correct their present. Both drama shows strong bromance.
Recommended by AngelRu
The dramas have the same writer. They involve books and the Japanese occupation of Korea...
Recommended by dannymikegatos
8.7 W (2016)
Both dramas have a fantasy aspect. In Chicago Typewriter, the way the drama switches back and forth from present- day to the 1930s is similar to how W switches between the real world and manhwa world.
Recommended by sugacoatedwings
Both mystery dramas deal with objects that allow the protagonists to "time travel". In both dramas their is a main couple that is somehow intertwined with each ever time.
Recommended by Lou
Both dramas involve a supernatural/ fantasy aspect. There is a ghost in Chicago Typewriter and demons/ deities/ spirits in A Korean Odyssey. There are also a few scenes of the Japanese occupation in A Korean Odyssey. Both dramas also have a similar feeling and tone when you watch them.
Recommended by sugacoatedwings
Both dramas show the story of resistance fighters in Korea in the 20th century and do a pretty good job at that.
Recommended by LenaKove
CT has a author of mystery writing his next novel which are things that happened to his last reincarnation. But as he writes he gets to know what actually happened to them.
L,H has a screenwriter who's writings turn true in this life itself.
Both have mystery as strong element to the story.
Both have rich male lead and poor female leads.
Recommended by VishalIngle
While Chicago Typewriter is more historical fiction and Circle is sci-fi, both shows present two stories in one (in Chicago Typewriter it is past and present day, while Circle is present day and future).
In both shows, there is a mystery that happened in the past that the future is trying to figure out. And in both, the viewer is (for the most part) unsure what exactly happened in the past, and everybody's role in it, until it gets revealed.
They both also play with memories.

However, they are still different as they are in different genres and there is a larger time gap in Chicago Typewriter than in Circle. The sequences are not as ordered in Chicago Typewriter as they are in Circle, however the transitions are incredibly smooth.

- I really liked both the female leads
- Great acting
- The bromances ^.^
Recommended by Trinah101