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if you love the chemistry between Yuki and Kara in Siren, you absolutely need to watch Boku Unmei no HIto Desu. yes, the genres of both this shows are totally not related but you can see another types of characters played by Nanao and Kimura Fumino. I would like to see both of them on another shows again without complaint.
Recommended by Ann Choo Ha
They're both slice-of-life in a way, but contain quirky humor and relationships that go from passive love/hate to the characters being on the verge of marriage. The main characters also tend to go outside of their comfort zone in order to grow as people or accomplish tasks.
Recommended by Lisa
Both have marriage as the end goal. Also Yamapi stars in both :)
Recommended by ange
Marriage, or the benefits of marriage, is the main goal for the plot of each drama; granted, it's approached by the leads in different ways. Both dramas also contain quirky humor, fantastic supporting characters (and family members), and a sweetly developed romance (though frustrating at times).
Recommended by Lisa
Written by the same screenwriter, they both share an well-paced, well-written script with incredibly witty dialog, lovable average-yet-quirky characters, and a delightfully awkward romance that blooms into something rather adorable.
Recommended by usagisaiko