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Witch's Court Episode 2

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  • Aired: November 30, -0001

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Oct 11, 2017

Five Stars

OOOOOOOH i am gonna love this ride.


MASSIVE coup de coeur for the female lead. I'm suck a sucker for powerful female leads lately. I love the fact that she's the one being ruthless and the male lead is the one compassionate. It's a really good change. I hope in the next episodes, their relationship will be Yeo Jin Wook trying to solve crimes the right way, but not succeeding and then just him unleashing Ma Yi Deum while he sits and watches her fury.
I dread the moment she will learn the truth about her mother, who's really her father and the secret of her birth... My god, he's such a piece of shit, I wanted to jump in the drama and punch him until death decided to save him from me. Ugh.

And let's talk about the writing !!!! First, I hope this drama will open people's eyes on sexual harassment because IT NEEDS TO STOP.
And second, a guy being victim of sexual assault ?! I SAY YES YES YES because it happens to them AS WELL and just big thumps up to the writers.

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