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- The characters in both dramas are smart and proactive.
- There are morals to the drama.
- The crimes in the drama are fascinating and interesting
- Both dramas consist of prosecutors who are aspired to solve cold cases.
Recommended by Coolcumber
Both are law dramas where the main character will do anything to win their case. The main characters in both can be considered deplorable and selfish, but are also very strong and confident. Witch's Court is more about sexual assault crimes, while Legal High has a variety of cases.
Recommended by Misunderst0_od
- both have strong female leads, except one is a lawyer (IHYV) while the other is a prosecutor (Witch's Court)
- both dramas are somewhat centered around a single 'main' case
Recommended by totoro
they both have similar/sameish storyline of avenging for their mother, except main character in witch's court is a female. they both don't believe in the law so they use their own ways to win court cases
Recommended by salleemayra
-Both deal with injustice toward women, Witches court more so than Miss Hammurabi.
-Both deal with law - Miss Hammurabi in the pov of judges and Witch's court in the
pov of lawyers.
Recommended by WannaTwo
they are both about defending the "weak" and the wrongfully accused? and both woman are calm and strong?
Recommended by XingBack
-Both are dramas involving the prosecution

-Both involve going after the corrupt people in the system and preventing them from rising up.
Recommended by yugi154
- Yoon Hyun Min is a main lead in both dramas
- both dramas deal with crimes against women
- both deal with law and law enforcement
Recommended by Hermon
- The story revolves around resolving cold cases and the female lead seeks the truth to clear/avenge her family.
- both female leads are strong
- both male leads are rather introverted
- both storylines involve a “justice vs power” aspect
- characters are refreshing and you can still enjoy a comic vibe in the middle of all the drama with them.
Recommended by Riko
both are similar in a way that it deal with political corruption and revolve around lawyers, court etc. acting from both dramas are superb, especially by those villains. love both male & female leads!
Recommended by bxsxm
Witch's Court and Return both have a strong kickass female lead
Return has one main case with smaller, individual cases, but Witch's Court has several separate cases.
Recommended by Angela
Although the storylines are different but both of the dramas have some similarities. Since it is about law, and the roles might be a little different (lawyer vs prosecutor) they both fight cases to win and they never lose a case.
In Suits, a main weakness is the PHS is a fake lawyer while in Witch's Court, JRW does anything such as use of personal attacks, fabricating evidence, or inciting perjury in order to win her case.
Recommended by ayyahnoor
Both the histories are about female prosecutor and their daily, but the histories are interest with unsual events.
Recommended by Jeh