Both of them talk about japanese traditions and also about learning the arts and there's also romancr.
Recommended by fanitha
Toge Nayuta is a professional Shogi player. Her games last for about 10 hours. She also thinks carefully about what she will eat during breaks in the game. Her choices in meals helps her win games.
~~Based on the manga series "Shogi Meshi" by Nagisa Matsumoto
Recommended by 73n5h1k015h173
the boy is clumsy, but the girls is smart n broken heart, seek someone who can never betray them
birth secret involved child
Recommended by Meli
Naohito Kazama is an ordinary bicycle shop owner. Their backgrounds are completely different, but they fall in love
Recommended by Kush DN
Both dramas written by the same person. While they have different stories, the overall emotional feeling is a bit similar in my opinion. In both, the male leads live in lower life due to family circumstances. And on every episode, new plot twist will be revealed. The difference is that in BNNH the plot twists are more shocking/surprising, while TNH's are more subtle.
Recommended by TimiZero
The Landlady's room is a Hulu original that will shed some light behind the inner workings of Kyoko, the Landlady of Kougetsuan, and mother to Tsubaki, as she tries to take down Nao.

Kyoko is a woman of the high society and the worst kind of enemy one could ever wish upon their foes. She has spent her life raising her only son, Tsubaki, to be the successor of Kougetsuan. In this original Hulu series, we will learn more about her dark schemes as we enter The Landlady's Room. It may even be possible to make sense of the disturbing hymns she sings and unravel the mystery behind the murder of the Landlord 15 years ago.
Recommended by 73n5h1k015h173
Both dramas talk about Japanese traditions and having to inherit the family business. Also, both have romance involved.
Recommended by Rafa
In Kyoto, soon after the war, Ichika strives to save her family's long established ryoten restaurant from financial crisis. In order to do so, she marries Yamaguchi Amane, who is 15 years younger, in a marriage of convenience
Recommended by 73n5h1k015h173
Very similar storyline about a rich woman with a high status and a poor ordinary man. Watching Takane no Hana was very nostalgic and brought back fond memories of when I watched Celeb to Binbo Taro many years ago.
Recommended by FortuneCat
Both deal with two very different people finding a balance with one another. Has more romance though and is centered around young teens high school romance.
Recommended by 4chukyunz1302
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