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Scarlet Heart Episode 1

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May 17, 2017

I just watched the first episode...I thought…

I just watched the first episode...I thought I wouldn't like it after moonlovers but actually it was way better than the Korean version.
1.Time traveller female lead in terms of acting & reactions was more of a "time traveller" in this one.She was very natural.I also give it to the screen writer..When I watched moonlovers' first episode I was like "ok,it's time traveling,no logic,no questioning then" But this one made me feel like it caught its own reality within the fiction..I can't say "Now, isn't this whole thing very reasonable?" yet I can say that it has more cohesion. A round of applause for the screen writer and Liu Cecilia.
2.Princes all lack hair ._- Again I thought I couldn't watch these princes.To my surprise, it didn't much bother me.8th prince indeed had the grace and the 4th one had an aura like he would both look the part and do the part.Although it hasn't got the korean 4th prince's wild solidarity, I could sense that he is smart and unpretentious.
3.This one does follow Bu Bu Jing Xin novel.As I was watching, I thought I was getting a summary of the first chapters...which is good because I was planning to start reading it where I left off.

I'm glad I gave it a go..

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