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Avengers Social Club is like a lighter cuter vr of this.. a somewhat "ahjumma" type of drama, and they both have the birth secret, the revenge, and the female centered plot..
Recommended by XingBack
both have a dark type of vibe, the characters are somewhat similar in "status", another "ahjumma" type of story, a somewhat "daily lives of smart elegant manipulative rich women"..
Recommended by XingBack
Both a female power type plot. Strong career women.
WWW more like a comedy while SKY castle is darker BLACK COMEDY/melodrama esque.
Recommended by JulySnow2
SKY Castle and Secret Mother both have parents who entrust their child's academics to a "coach" who has a mysterious side to them. Both shows' coaches are working for the families with hidden agendas. The shows both also have mothers that would do anything for their child. One of the biggest differences, though, (other than the intentions behind each coach) is that Secret Mother focuses more on one family rather than multiple ones like SKY Castle.
Recommended by sseureki
Both of these dramas are black comedies that skillfully take on the controversial class division that exists in Korean society. These dramas particularly focus on extremely wealthy and educated families with dark secrets that threaten to ruin their perfectly (and somewhat falsely) constructed reputations. There's also some forbidden romance and even a bit of danger. You're in for a treat.
Recommended by Peace25
It has the same vibe and also the same genre. I bet you will fall in love this drama quickly and get addicted.
Recommended by Kim Jiho
- They have a similar feel.
- Very realistic while reflect the views of South Korean society on a person needed qualifications.
- The events happen in a competitive environment.
- Characters go through hardships to rise no matter the consequences & their interaction between others are compelling.
Recommended by Misa
both dramas are good and intriguing, they have similar themes, yakou kanransha is a jdrama while Sky Castle is a kdrama but both are worth watching
Recommended by sotashi
Both have the following: Dark and mysterious plot but with a mixture of comedy, bad ass and smart women, twisted families, strategies, and incredibly classy OST. You will want to know each and every character in the story, will love and hate them, and also understand them for what they stand for and how they ended up the way they are. Highly recommended.
Recommended by CGM
they are both have a dark and cold feel around them and they focus on a more "mature" female cast, also both have alot of female cast
Recommended by XingBack
Based on similar themes, both dramas tackle the issues of academic pressure, messed up and complicated lives of adults.
A commentary on the real issues that students face in this fast-paced society and the pressure that the children face due to tough competitions. Both the dramas have similar tones to them and have an ensemble cast that portrays their characters really well.
Recommended by Abbyy
they both have that "do anything for specs" thing.. but Class of Lies is more focused on the students
Recommended by XingBack
In both a family moves to a new house in a rich neighborhood. Both discuss education in Korea, the dedication and stubbornness of mothers with regard to children, and falsehoods in those circles.
But in A wife’s credentials, the children are still in primary school and the coach is a normal person and not an unscrupulous witch. In it you will also find romance and infidelity, but all very well executed!
This is not a satira comedy like Sky Castle, but it is a great drama!
In both the actress Lee Tae Ran plays a good role, and in both she practices Taekwondo!
Recommended by Kar
The characters of Kim Joo Young and Maya feel similar in certain ways (both are educators and have that dark witch-like style!) but their inner motives are completely different. Both stories are focused on school and education in today's society.
Recommended by Selene