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- It is also an office love story
- hate to love
- celebrity background
- Tvn drama
- Strong male lead
Recommended by Gpsy Drama Girl
Both are great shows with loveabke leads. HPL is about a fan girls obsessed with an idol and her BF who is sweetly her fanboy. ALML has an actual idol starring in it and he’s turning me into his fangirl. ALML is my current obsession. I’m fangirling that show the way I’m fangirling Ryan Gold from HPL. Both are great romantic showst. Where HPL is sweet; ALML is visually stunning with great acting, storytelling and direction.
Recommended by DLKDramaFan
Both have a focus on idols and a similar fluffy feeling

However they have very different story lines, if u like one im sure you'll enjoy the other
Recommended by Alice
- Park Min Young is in both dramas.
- they both kind of start at bad steps.
- there is another love interest.
Recommended by Moka
- both set in modern life.
- both are set in a gallery.
- start bad and with misunderstanding.
- the lead male fall in love with the lead female but she has different interests.
Recommended by Moka
A fangirl gets a chance to meet her idol in real life. Both girls try to hide their identities and still remain beloved fans.
Recommended by Cassandra89
Fun and lighthearted romance

Recommended by Newman91
Fun and lighthearted romance but more family oriented

Recommended by Newman91
The plot isn't similar, BUT they share a same vibe.
- Fake dating turned real.
- The ml have similar characteristics and looks.
- Co worker/business partner turned romance
Recommended by thesmecca
-both FL are idol fangirls (though to a different extent)
-both dramas are light and fluffy rom coms
-HOT KISSES !!! both couples are super duper cute together
-rich guy, ordinary girl
-fake dating plot
Recommended by ryan not lion