Hotel del Luna



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While it is still ongoing, I see many similarities in the characters. It's like Goblin but genders reversed, and a mix of the Grim Reaper's job.
Female lead plays a person who isn't dead and has powers. You have a male lead who is 'meant' to be with the female lead.
The effects are great, and it has to do with the dead somehow.
Definitely recommend if you enjoyed Goblin.
(Can't say much about Romantic part since I'm still watching it)

Recommended by yoonmiboo
Modern day fantasy stories, with ghosts hanging around. Both sets of characters deal with a muddy past. There are similarities in the cinematic directing, tone and overall feel of the two pieces.
Recommended by Jleety
Both leads stumbles with a mysterious lady of many names/lives and esoteric space-time renown
Haunted by visions of ghosts, pulled into her dark supernatural world
Employed, servant running errands at Hotel/store that grants wishes to costumers with a price
Visually stunning , stylish part realistic and fairy tale(Sageuk) themes
**watch the Anime**
Recommended by Murasaki
They both are in similar genres, horror, supernatural rom-com. I love Master's Sun and I think people who love it will love Hotel Del Luna too! They both have stories revolving around helping vengeful ghosts stuck on earth to find their peace.
Recommended by Pop-Pop
An immortal female lead who feels jaded toward death. A male lead who reignites her passion for life and may be connected to her past.
Recommended by Kumaxell
Recommendations are more than similarities between 2 dramas..
At 1st glance they share nothing in common but manwol is kinda similar to hina from mr sunshine. They both own a hotel, they have a similar taste in fashion and they are both strong female worriers though hina is slightly more "playful"..
If you loved and missed hina then this is a great drama~
Also both are really aesthetically appealing..
Recommended by XingBack
Both have strong independent female leads. Both have a similarly vibed beautiful aesthetic cinematography. And they both are my perfect example of a grear noona romance. But they both have completely different plots.
Recommended by XingBack
Both have are a great example of fantasy genres about ghosts. I usually like to find good ghost dramas that actually interacts with other ghosts? Instead of just one of the main leads being a ghost...
Recommended by XingBack
- both set in a hotel.
- both have mystery, suspense and romance.
- both are on TvN.
- both. Are revolved around a murder.
Recommended by misu
-Supernatural element
- Protective Male Lead with a good heart
- Female cursed to live long life
- Mysterious older female that guides main leads to each other
Recommended by Carla McKnight
It's Fantasy, it has Comedy and the main character was forced to see ghosts. The ML in Korean Odyssey is the same in being stuck, and really old like FL in Hotel Del Luna.
Recommended by Edenie
Recommended by Bowtruckle
They both have reincarnation of characters. Lots of flashbacks and stuff. They both have a mystery vibe.
Recommended by Eleanor