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Both male protagonist are from past, it involves time travel, love and mystery
Recommended by asiandramafan
Same theme: Time travelling, completely wrapped up with love and magic.
Recommended by jaejung
Both leads are hilarious without even trying. Feel-good Dramas to the max!
Recommended by 151885
The leads are goofy and a tiny bit awkward. The situation they stumble upon (soul/time switching) make them even more confused and hilarious.
Recommended by 151885
Both male protagonists have lost their Crown Princess at the beginning of the drama, there is no time travel, but it is an historical romance
Recommended by asiandramafan
Accidental time travel, love, and finding who you really are, theses are the themes that make these dramas irresistible! But this time its reverse! What happens when a king ends up in the future on a girls rooftop? Well hopefully you have seen splash splash love this time its the king's turn to be the pauper!
Recommended by Amber Kline
Both saeguk, both with Micky/Park Yoochun in the leads, in both he is a known, rich person
Recommended by LoveAsianWorld
both of them have time travel element.
Recommended by poetrypoesar
Male lead is from ancient times and ends up living in the female's house and she teaches him about the modern world
Recommended by BTSFT123
We have a prince who must acclimate himself to peasant life (be it in the future or past age) while being helped by the main actress. Both dramas share the princes being looked down upon simply because they are used to being a crown prince (and many hilarious moments because of it). They also find advantageous situations because they are so smart and have outstanding qualities. The princes then also strive to protect the woman they love while defeating the bad guys. Honestly the more I think about it the more these dramas are similar.
Recommended by Sophie
Both have a Joseon man jumping into the present day and having to understand reality.
Recommended by Loving_Roots
Both male leads end up living with the main female lead and that order the female lead around.
Both have a rich boy who doesn't know how to work and is attached to a different lady
Recommended by leah
IT ENDS THE SAME EXACT WAY FOR SOME CRAZY REASON. Except Gu Family Book doesn't have a sequel, neither does Rooftop Prince, BUT GFB NEEDS A SEQUEL. It kills me even now..
Recommended by mylilownaznworld
Both have male leads that belong to a different time period and in love with someone from their own time periods. In both, male lead is taken care of by modern day female lead, who was either reincarnated or similar to someone that male lead knew about in his time.
Recommended by Sash
In both of these dramas, we are very entertained by the funny and innocent behavior of the male lead who came from the past
Recommended by STKLa