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Rooftop Prince Episode 1

7.4/10 from 121 users
Mar 21, 2012
The story opens up in the Joseon era when the crown prince (Yoochun) is looking for his wife. Then, they go to the past and show the main characters younger selves in both times (Joseon… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 2

7.9/10 from 109 users
Mar 22, 2012
The Crown Prince and his men don't understand how they wound up at Park Ha's house and think things will be okay if they go to the palace. After dropping them off she leaves, and the… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 3

7.6/10 from 98 users
Mar 28, 2012
The Joseon 4 create more chaos wherever they go. Tae Mu and Se Na keep being their scheming selves. Park Ha teaches them to read and tries to teach manners to Yi Gak. He meets with… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 4

7.3/10 from 90 users
Mar 29, 2012
Lee Gak is thrown out of the building. Meanwhile, Park Ha's business location falls through and her business fails before it even begins. The boys help her make some money. Tae Moo… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 5

7.6/10 from 90 users
Apr 04, 2012
Lee Gak's real plan is revealed. Park Ha gives in and decides to please Se Na. Tak Moo wants Lee Gak to get a DNA test. Lee Gak wants the grandmother to buy the rooftop house and she… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 6

7.8/10 from 95 users
Apr 05, 2012
Park Ha sees the boys and smiles and since they will be working in Tae Yong's family company, they get a crash course from her including the complicated hyung-noona-dongsaeng relations.… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 7

7.5/10 from 93 users
Apr 12, 2012
Park Ha has regained her memories and knows just exactly what Se Na did to her. Finding out that the one that Lee Gak is in love with is Se Na and not her makes her more upset. Secrets… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 8

7.5/10 from 87 users
Apr 18, 2012
During the housewarming party Lee-Kak eats the crab and starts chocking fortunately seen only by Park-Ha who helps him breath. Lee-Kak comes clear with his story and tells Park-Ha… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 9

7.2/10 from 81 users
Apr 19, 2012
Lee-Kak tells grandma that Park-Ha is innocent. He gives Sae-Na THE handkerchief to trigger her memory. Park-Ha is ordered to wash the handkerchief, which she throws angrily missing… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 10

7.5/10 from 82 users
Apr 19, 2012
Park-Ha is told that Sae-Na is the crown princess whom Lee-Kak has to meet. Sae-Na thinks Park-Ha told Tae-Mu's dad about mother and confronts her threatening to take away everything… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 11

7.6/10 from 76 users
Apr 25, 2012
Lee Kak tells Bak Ha not to like him. TaeYong's phone is found and LK sees the photos of TY and TaeMu. He tells BH TY didn't meet her,cause he died. He confronts TM,and tells him he… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 12

7.8/10 from 76 users
Apr 26, 2012
Prince Lee Gak is given a second chance after failing to secure a contract agreement. Tae Moo discover's Se Na's family secret.

Rooftop Prince Episode 13

7.6/10 from 72 users
May 02, 2012
Tae Mu finds out that the real Tae Yong is still alive. Lee Gak is going to give a house contract to Pak Ha and Sena finds out, she exchanges the document with the plane ticket to… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 14

7.8/10 from 80 users
May 03, 2012
Lee Gak finds out about Park Ha and SeNa being sisters and SeNa's relationship with Tae Mu. He confronts her and breaks the engagement. Tae Mu is still holding his Joker card (i.e… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 15

7.6/10 from 71 users
May 09, 2012
Lee Gak tells Bak Ha she is the reincarnation of Bu Yong from Joseon. Bak Ha realizes he is flickering away and desperately embraces him the second he reappears again. CEO Jang discovers… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 16

7.6/10 from 79 users
May 10, 2012
Lee Gak pretends to be Tae Yong, even mimicking his speech this time and Park Ha thinks the four guys have gone back to Joseon. SeNa overhears a conversation and believes CEO Jang… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 17

8.9/10 from 51 users
May 16, 2012
Park Ha finds out she's CEO Jang's other daughter. Tae Yong's grandmother falls down the stairs and dies.

Rooftop Prince Episode 18

8.7/10 from 66 users
May 17, 2012
Tae Moo does everything he can to make Lee Gak the suspect of the grandmother's murderer, so the inheritance passes to him.

Rooftop Prince Episode 19

8.8/10 from 56 users
May 23, 2012
Park Ha gets hit by the car. As consequence of the hit, her liver is damaged and the only one who can save her is Se Na. Tae Moo gets arrested while trying to leave the country. After… read more

Rooftop Prince Episode 20

8.8/10 from 94 users
May 24, 2012
Lee Gak is back in Joseon and gets closer to finding the truth behind the Crown Princess' murder.