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A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 19

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Although he was initially angry, Tae San is willing to accept his sister's relationship under one condition: they must get married. After filing for divorce from Rok, Min Sook throws Mae Ah Ri a bachelorette Party.
  • Aired: August 11, 2012

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Aug 13, 2012


Yeh!!!! After 2 solid weeks ep 19 was aired. So, this ep continues from where it left off.

Park Min Sook is really serious this time, but that seriousness is due to fear. But we all know, Rok has his way of doing things... So, there's a possibility that the divorce will be void.

Finally, Tae San threw the punch, every one (okay probably not everyone) has been waiting for him to throw...

Do Jin and Yi Soo and still in their lovey-dovey stage, all is good with them.

The latest couples Choi Yoon and Maehri finally got what they wanted.

I'm bolting to watch ep 20!!!!
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Aug 13, 2012

Loved it :)

I lvoed everything in this drama, honestly one of those dramas I never got bored and kept watching from the start. So happy Tae San made up with Yoon and Meahri, Lol Collin and Dong Hyub are adorable the police scene was hilarious Hope Min Sook and Rok get together :)
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Aug 12, 2012

lmao its daddy dojin to the rescue

ok first of all awssome episode love how things are progressing . very very nice lol. i am loving colins choice in friends lmao. now the police station scene was hilarious and the look of awe on Colins face was just wat i needed after waiting foreverrrrrr for the new episode.
well am happy for meahr and yoon. and i cant wait to see how they end it just a few more hours and i can watch . and it better be good!
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Aug 12, 2012

yup, still great!

First of all, FINALLY, another episode!

Secondly, what a good episode it was! I loved everything about it, but the best part was with Jung Rok dividing all the things in his and Min Sook's apartment with a little help of chain saw (or sth like that, I'm not good with tools). Seriously, him and Min Sook are my favourite couple in this drama! They are hilarious and have great chemistry together.
I also liked the scene with Do Jin helping high school kids at the police station - he was so right when he said that no parent should hit another kid, because this kid is a precious child of somebody too - and here I was starting to think it was pretty normal in Korea to slap children when you feel like it.
And of course the end of the episode when our gentlemen crashed a bachelorette party - I hope they'll do a striptease in a next episode! (just joking... or not?)

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Aug 12, 2012

Its almost over

Great episode :) really hope Rok and Min Sook will be happy together.
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