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A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 1

8.9/10 from 79 users
May 26, 2012
Episode 1 introduces the main characters: architect Do Jin, contractor Tae San, coffee shop owner Jun Rok and attorney Choi Yoon. Seo Yi Soo likes Tae San but he goes on a date with… read more

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 2

9.1/10 from 62 users
May 27, 2012
Me Ah Ri's meddling brings about some strange consequences for the singles. Instead of coming clean, Yi Soo chooses to lie and profess her love to Do Jin for Tae San's benefit.

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 3

9.1/10 from 56 users
Jun 02, 2012
Yi Soo refuses to answer her phone when Do Jin calls. Se Ra predicts Yi Soo either loves Do Jin or hates him. Do Jin follows Yi Soo and then she apologize over beer. Do Jin declares… read more

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 4

9.1/10 from 54 users
Jun 03, 2012
After Jung Rok swallows his wedding ring, Yoon lets it slip to Do Jin that he like Mae Ri. Se Ra finds a copy of Tae San's yearbook photo in Yi Soo's possession and figures out that… read more

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 5

9.2/10 from 52 users
Jun 09, 2012
Se Ra has figured out that Yi Soo has feelings for Tae San. She hasn't yet said that she's willing to give him up, but she wants Yi Soo to admit her feeling.

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 6

9.4/10 from 49 users
Jun 10, 2012
Consumed with jealousy, Se Ra reveals the truth about Yi Soo's crush to Tae San. However, things start to heat up between Do Jin and Yi Soo and he kisses her.

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 7

9.2/10 from 53 users
Jun 16, 2012
Tae San lets Yi Soo know that he really likes Se Ra. After Se Ra confronts Yi Soo about her feeling for Tae San, Yi Soo decides that she wouldn't mind dating younger guys. Yoon is… read more

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 8

9.1/10 from 52 users
Jun 17, 2012
Tae San has an issue with Yoon having feelings for his sister. However, he is put into an even worse position when Me Ah Ri confesses her requited love for Yoon.

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 9

9.3/10 from 47 users
Jun 23, 2012
Do Jin is happy to see Yi Soo wearing his gift until he thinks she's falsely declaring her love for him again. Unbeknownst to both of them, Yi Soo is actually falling for him.

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 10

9.2/10 from 47 users
Jun 24, 2012
After misunderstanding Yi Soo's intention for him, Do Jin has decided not to see Yi Soo again. However, Yi Soo realizes her feeling for him and tries to straighten everything out.

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 11

9.3/10 from 42 users
Jun 30, 2012
Do Jin and Yi Soo manage to clear the air, but Do Jin wants to balance out the relationship. In Order to even the score, Do Jin creates a checklist of one-side tasks for Yi Soo to… read more

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 12

9.0/10 from 37 users
Jul 01, 2012
Tae San and Se Ra find themselves at odds and end up getting into the biggest fight of their relationship. This fight may just be the one that ends their relationship for good.

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 13

9.1/10 from 40 users
Jul 07, 2012
Tae San continues to struggle with the idea of Me Ah Ri and Yoon's age difference and he is unwilling to accept their love for each other. In the mean time, the guys can no longer… read more

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 14

8.6/10 from 42 users
Jul 08, 2012
As each person wonders about Colin's paternity, each couple experience their own set of misunderstandings and unnecessary accusations are thrown. Ultimately, it is Yi Soo's relationship… read more

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 15

8.3/10 from 45 users
Jul 14, 2012
Yi Soo is still hurting from Do Jin's decision to end their relationship, but she's in the mood for revenge. Jung Rock, Tae San and Yoon are adjusting to having a new nephew but end… read more

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 16

8.7/10 from 45 users
Jul 15, 2012
Yi Soo is struggling to accept the reality of Do Jin's relationship with Colin, but in time she comes to a decision to fight for her relationship. In a strange turn of events, Colin… read more

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 17

8.8/10 from 45 users
Jul 21, 2012
After all of his unsuccessful attempts to push her away, Do Jin is open to the possibility of having a relationship with Yi Soo. The other couple continue to move forward.

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 18

9.0/10 from 42 users
Jul 22, 2012
When Yoon is finally able to confess his feeling for Mae Ah Ri, Tae San is angered enough to disown them both. Do Jin is able to impress Yi Soo's co-workers by treating them to dinner… read more

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 19

9.4/10 from 45 users
Aug 11, 2012
Although he was initially angry, Tae San is willing to accept his sister's relationship under one condition: they must get married. After filing for divorce from Rok, Min Sook throws… read more

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 20

9.5/10 from 51 users
Aug 12, 2012
Mae Ah Ri tells her parents she is pregnant and wants to marry Yoon. Jung Rok and Min Sook re-negotiate the terms of their marriage. Se Ra is pregnant but unsure if she wants to marry… read more