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Jan 30, 2023
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The initial hesitation and resignation I felt when I started watching, turned into interest and excitement by the end. I mean, I did not think a group of annoying and obnoxious teens that are basically asking to be killed could make a fun watch - I was wrong.

Somehow, I slowly got invested. I honestly didn’t care who would survive, I just wanted a few dead, and after each vote I got more and more anxious and annoyed - what if they will survive? Not really caring about these kids is actually a good thing. This movie is not made to awaken empathy in viewers, it’s not deep, and does not serve as social commentary. You are here for the thrills of who will die and who will survive the mind games.

What I also liked about this story is how we saw both the participants and the operators' perspective. Personally, I think it made the movie more digestible.

Acting was good. I don’t think it needed strong performances. Asakura Fuyuna was probably my favorite.

Overall, surprisingly fun, building the tension and thrills as it goes with a great ending that actually made me appreciate it even more.

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Thenosa Yechette
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Dec 12, 2022
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A new take on the werewolf games movies.

Just a heads up, this is my second time watching one of the werewolf game movies. So my thoughts on it can be different than people who have watched more of these movies. The only other werewolf game movie I watched was the 'Prison Break' one, and I don't remember much from it. Anyway, let's talk about this movie now.
First of all, I watched it because of Ogoe Yuki. And he didn't disappoint. I liked his acting here too.
The plot:
I don't know what others think but I have a hard time understanding what the rules of the werewolf games are. I had a hard time the previous time and this time too. That aside, I understand what goes on in the game. People die/kill and they vote for people who they think are the werewolves (despite being wrong the first few times). Following that, this movie's plot was decent. What I liked about this movie is that we see what goes on with the operators of the game, as well as the players. One thing I'd like to point out here is that the movie's subs we're not great, so I had a hard time understanding exactly what was being said. The history of how Masamune became the operator is still unclear to me.
The acting:
Like I said, Ogoe Yuki didn't disappoint. And the others' acting was alright to me. Not much to say there.
The music:
The ending song was nice. The BGM was average and how it should be: weird and creepy .
Overall, I think this was an alright movie. I'm not a fan of the werewolf games movies, so don't love it. I do wish to watch a few more movies in the series. So maybe then I'll be able to compare and tell how good this one is compared to the others. Otherwise, I don't think I'll be rewatchibg this movie anytime soon.

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