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  • Movie: Real
  • Country: Japan
  • Duration: 2 hr. 7 min.
  • Rating: Not Yet Rated


  • Score: 7.2 (scored by 540 users)
  • Ranked: #1951
  • Popularity: #1471
  • Members: 1,516
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Ratings: 7.2/10 from 540 users
# of Members: 1,516
Reviews: 3 users
Ranked #1951
Popularity #1471
Members 540

Koichi and Atsumi have been friends since their childhood days and they eventually became lovers. About one year ago, Atsumi attempted to commit suicide and fell into a coma afterwards. Koichi, desperate to know why Atsumi attempted suicide, takes part in a new medical procedure that involves the central nervous system. Koichi will enter the subconscious mind of Atsumi through the medical procedure.
When Koichi enters the subconscious mind of Atsumi, shesasks Koichi to find a picture of a "plesiosaur" she drew as a child. The drawing is the key that brings back a suppressed childhood memory that brings their minds together.

  • Native title: リアル 完全なる首長竜の日
  • Also Known as: Real - Kanzen Naru Kubinagaryu no Hi
  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
  • Country: Japan
  • Type: Movie
  • Release Date: Jun 1, 2013
  • Duration: 2 hr. 7 min.
  • Score: 7.2 (scored by 540 users)
  • Ranked: #1951
  • Popularity: #1471
  • Rating: Not Yet Rated

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May 5, 2016
Overall 8.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
If (like me) you are Takeru Satoh trash and think this is a romantic, dark-fluffy, inception-like film of a heroic character who travels into the mind of his beloved to rescue her out of a coma... then I suggest you don't watch this movie. ^-^

If, however, like me, you are Takeru Satoh trash, and have an appreciation for films with a deeper meaning, enjoying unexpected (and extremely sudden) plot twists and a dark and slightly creepy psychological theme... then I suggest you give this movie a shot. ^v^)/

One of REAL's biggest highlights for me was that you really didn't know what to expect next. You just have no idea. One minute, I was focused in the neurological world, and the next I was hiding behind my pillow. And that is how you go through the film - not knowing what to expect next, yet anticipating the conclusion. I give the rewatch value a strong 9*, as it all makes so much more sense if you were to rewatch it, and you can appreciate the thought put into its creation, the jumpy camera angles and script.

The cast and acting were great, although again, initially you might find it a little strange in the beginning. It all makes sense nearer the end. ^^

One thing that did confuse me was the strange blend of both decent CGI, and college-green-screen-quality CGI. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not because of the story line...

Also, plesiosaurs. I love them.
*[EDIT: Rewatching is so worth it!]

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8 people found this review helpful
Oct 19, 2014
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 8.0
This movie is confusing! However, that is exactly what it's supposed to be. Real is a movie that will have you wondering just what the heck is going on, while at the same time have you thoroughly enjoying trying to figure out what it is, then just when you think you're a genius and solved it in your mind, the plot punches you in the face, laughs at you and tells you that you were wrong all along. :p The whole premise of the story is about reality vs. unreality. The real world on one side, dreamworld on the other. Just what lies inside a person's subconscious, hidden from our awake mind, perhaps only appearing in our dreams? This movie explores such notions and I, for one, couldn't tear myself away from the screen.

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