Similar background but I didn't draw the similarities at first
- FL is born with a silver spoon (*but* FL in TLS is currently running the company well)
- ML has a first responder background (good physical ability) and is wise and is appointed by the FL's father/grandfather to take care of FL
- People try to sabotage FL's control of the company
- FL experiences growth in management ability/responsibility
- family secrets/international excursions (there's more in TLS)
- of course, the classic exaggeration of romcoms but it's a fun ride
Of course there are differences...major one might be that SMH is lighter than TLS
Recommended by elie808
It is releated as the ml is also a community helper . Just a reccomendation . But fl in both dramas are completely opposite .
Recommended by dreamKDRAMAlife31
In both you can find one similar scene which gives you the same feeling- the scene when the male lead and the female lead get locked in a freezer and has to warm each other.
In addition in both of them the male leas is a fire figther!
In both you can find a somehow the same vibes from the leads.
Both involves a bit romance!
Recommended by Linoy B
In both dramas the male lead is a fire fighter, and in both dramas there is romance between leads. (:
Recommended by Linoy B
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