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Tells the love story between a man and woman in different places who perceive each other's emotions and perceptions and communicate. Because of an accident, assistant architect An Yi and piano tuner Gao Ang become connected through brain waves. Since then, the lives of the two become linked and gradually become the most "understanding" of each other. (Source: ent.ynet; TVdie.com) Edit Translation

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Jun 20, 2022
Completed 0
Overall 9.0
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 9.0

Funny, fluffy, with some serious drama too...

This is such a sweet hidden gem, with drama, fluff, more drama and more fluff... Oh and some humour too.

Though the main theme is a little bit out there, taking body swap just one step longer having two people in both bodies at once. Making way for som fun, fluffy, (yes I said fluffy again), and awkward situations with a focus on time zones instead of the oh so popular over used gender. giving us a lovely bickering couple who can bicker a lot without actually meeting each other... Watching these two use all kinds of self harm to fight each other is funnier than I thought it would be, and though there may be some slight second hand embarrassment that would otherwise bother me, it could be my mood, but it did not bother me at all.

Both leads are lovable, and there are no purely annoying characters as each supporting cast seems to do their role well, all are well casted, some I would say extremely well casted (Patrick Shih) and the movie is well written with good pacing keeping me curious and interested from start to finish.

I am willing to admit that some parts of the plot are a tad predictable, however they do have their own touch as well as great visuals and again fluff, fluffily, fluff... Ok there is also a guy in a coms, loneliness, a guy who crosses the line here and there, people being treated badly, lack of privacy and death... but it is well imbedded in fluffy cover of white snow... Making you forget all that stuff and only remembering the fluff... Just kidding... the pain and struggles are very much real and are well balanced by the fluff, how well is up to you to find out if you watch this movie.

If I should complain about one thing it is the idea of you must love yourself to be loved that is repeatedly mentioned here.... I say a person who truly cares will love you no matter how much you hate yourself... So forget pressure about having to love yourself or find yourself to be loved, that you can do regardless... So just take the love stuff out of the equation.

Definitely a movie I recommend, and it is even available with subs free and legally on you tube!

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Wol hwa
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Jun 14, 2022
Completed 0
Overall 9.5
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
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Literal Soulmates

Might i start by saying that it was a wonderful story. The plot, which sounds absurd, actually is pretty nice giving to the logic of soulmates getting connected. It's actually pretty sweet to think that everyone has someone and by miracle, u might be able to meet them or even better, be connected by brainwaves.
Things I liked in the story:
I think if u know someone well enough, you might be able to love them truly or hate them truly. The plot of this story truly revolved around this. Both of the leads understood each other so they were able to value each other throughout.
Another part of the story I really liked was understanding a relationship is toxic without blaming others for your pains. The FL understood this before things went out of hand. Better late than never.
The cast was beautiful. The leads were the only characters shown and the other characters were almost non-existent which is actually a good thing for a low-budget and fast-paced movie. There weren't many actors and everything went smoothly. I have seen ZYR in Our Shiny Days and she didn't fall short of my expectation. It was my first time seeing Patrick but damn, that man is good. Honestly turning into a fan.
The only flaw of the movie was it was too fast. Or very smoothly should i say? The movie did have alot of unnecessary things that it wasted time on hence making the real part less timed out. Tbh, his friend was totally unnecessary. He was there and he died uselessly. Okay so as if this was some emotional value to give for a character that existed for 5 secs in words. If that time was given, somehow, to make the romance more valid and show us some sweet moments, the movie would have rounded up nice and clean.
Overall, rewatch value 10 cause its a good romance movie considering sad ones fill the internet. Finding a rom movie with a happy ending is like finding gold. At least, it ended good.

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