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Two Weeks Episode 2

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  • Aired: August 08, 2013

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Aug 26, 2013

I will live like a human being for two weeks

It seems like everything is falling into place and the two weeks are starting soon. It’s the beginning of Tae San’s journey to prove his innocence. But really, how can someone get involved in such an accident and only have a small forehead scratch? I know that KDramas tend to be unrealistic but get real guys! Also, he could’ve taken the key to take off the handcuffs from the unconscious/dead police officer beside him.

Apparently, Park Jae Gyeong will be a great help for Tae San since she wants to bring president Moon and Senator Jo and she also lost her informant. Let’s wait and see how this will go.
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Aug 12, 2013

Well produced action

This is an episode when an hour felt like 5 minutes. Is well edited and begins to unfold all the layer of this onion story. Every character keeps getting entangled a little more and you just stay very still so you don't forget any details. I really enjoyed it. I hope the producer and the writer are able to maintain such good pace, because if it is for just the acting it will become "the drama" for this season. I hope it does well on ratings.
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Aug 10, 2013

Good episode but...

Just as I thought...it was predictable.

"Why did you strangle yourself?"
Then he leaves the laptop along with the wire in it? *where is the reasoning in that?*
It's a police station for god's sake! Shouldn't they be smarter than that?

Why so judgmental...he is only a suspect...why assume he is the murderer and not investigate further?

Loving the OST of this drama though~
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Aug 9, 2013


of story rolling up makes you forget breathe.
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