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Same story, different time period. The two little girls are equally cute, but I choose Lee Jun ki a thousand times over Lee Dong Wook, sorry!
Recommended by Nelly
Both are intense conspiracy dramas. Three days is not exactly like Two weeks, because the journeys the protagonists are going through. But, both have a lot of heart in midst of desperation. While, the chips are down both heroes look for inspiration in people they care for and keep pushing through. The pace and the feel is very similar in both the dramas and both have pretty tight scripts.
Recommended by Aps
In both dramas parents are trying to save their daughters. Both are suspense thrillers with lots of action.
Recommended by Choi Yoon is my life
Both are about a father risking everything in order to save his daughter.
Recommended by lore
Ji Sung in Defendant and Joon Gi in Two Weeks are both fugitives on the run, and they both are dads with a little girl. Both are amazing stories with a similar feel of dark mystery, action, and suspense.
Recommended by Eunha
In both, people are framed for crimes they didn't commit, there are lots of injustice and also a lot of action. While watching Golden Cross I kept thinking of Two Weeks.
Recommended by Choi Yoon is my life
If you're much in the action, thriller or crime dramas try these two! They're also involving prosecutors, detectives, fugitives, killers, guys who get punished for something they didn't do, ...
Recommended by Dia
Both shows involve protecting/saving a kid and "pull at your heartstrings". It's rare for me to find shows like these but I really enjoyed both and there was a lot of suspense and twists in both.
Recommended by tala
Similar in the fact that both main leads are framed for murder (in place of something else) and that they try their best to escape and survive their predicaments in order to save/revenge their family. Who they are and are not able to trust plays a big role in their survival.
Recommended by ahmi_chan
Both dramas have to do with a parent saving their child within 2 weeks/14 days..
Recommended by moonlitebliz
Both of these dramas have very similar styles. It's both action packed and the main characters are both fighting to protect the people they love.
Recommended by melinda
Both shows have very similar feel to them .. in both dramas the lead is framed of a murder crime .. in both shows they don't emphasize romance and rather the crime and investigations ...
Recommended by OkriSama
Both are stories about a man doing all it takes to save a little child ..
Recommended by OkriSama
Two Weeks also has the same type of elements of a gangster who struggles to balance is lifestyle with love.
Recommended by ahangman
They have similar vibes. 2weeks is an amazing thriller that gets you very emotional. If you enjoy action, that is not mindless, definitely worth a shot!
Recommended by Shaira