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Two Weeks Episode 6

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  • Aired: August 22, 2013

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Sep 2, 2013

Oops, she's in danger

No matter how hard Tae San tried to protect his daughter; Moon Il Seok knows about her presence and she became in danger more than ever. If detective Im knew about him being the donor, things would’ve been much better than this. I am sure that Tae San won’t go the Philippine since Prosecutor Park knows about his plan. Things are really going against Tae San and So Jin is just like him.
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Aug 28, 2013


when did Soo Jin know her father's name? ._.
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Aug 26, 2013

Good and growing

I really injoy LJK's acting. In this drama it felts like he is finally able play from all his heart and soul.
I like all flashbacks bc it opens more deeper layers of story what first seemed so simple.
Tempo of storytelling is still quick and needs all your attention or you miss some details.
And for now i dont know...who from supporting charates are able hurt him - intentionally or not.
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Aug 23, 2013

Question is will the good guys smarten up in the upcoming episodes?

Prosecutor, now that you know everything will you be smart enough to help him in some way or are you gonna let the bad guys win?

I can def see Tae San's desperation to stay alive. He really needs to smarten up if he wants to live...instead of playing the idiot he is playing. I know he's doing all this to save In Hye and Soo Jin but dude...isn't about time to be smart and clever for once?

A lot of characters are annoying me...writers...please get to the point instead of going on wild goose chase in each episode.

Btw, I loved the scene in the hospital with Tae San and Soo Jin...that was cute~
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