- both slow and calm pacing
- male lead super green flag
- somewhat similar vibes
- healthy relationship
- cute mains
Recommended by izzizizi123
Similar Relationship dynamics without unnecessary misunderstandings and breakups. Both the dramas are sweet and has good kisses.
Recommended by h3artz
ML giving up on their dreams FL becomes their support and leads them to second chance
Popular and talented FL
Winter scene and long distance relationship
Recommended by SandySora
Both dramas are about young couples ( The MLs are a bit older than the FLs)
They are cute, fluffy, full of sweet scenes.
The stories are a bit different but both are feel-good dramas with so many romantic scenes.
Recommended by tintin92
Leo Wu portrays the ML of both dramas.
Both dramas are sports based, while Nothing But You focuses more on the sport, management and has a 2nd/3rd couple.
Both ML's are devouted to the FL and feel they need to compete and be great to have a chance to be with their significant other.
Both are slow burn romance drama however Nothing But You is much more slow burn because the romance does start to develop much later than in AASOL
Recommended by Skontra
Winter setting, same writer, both male have almost same personality, though amidst a snowstorm of love have no past relationship among the leads like road home but their way of approaching each other was pretty much same the male leads are gentle and polite to the female leads yet at the same time they are confident man who knows what they are doing whereas are female leads are very reserved person but once they decide to chase their man there is no turning back for them.
Recommended by Ray denied
Both male leads give very similar feeling. they both are retired (or kinda) from their respective career, and were the best at their fields. Both females are strong in their fields and have a shy-type of personalities.
difference is in AASOL the male is chasing the female and in GGS the female is actively chasing the male.
They both also have supportive teammates characters that make the scenes funny and interesting.
oh and they both are written by the same authors...
Recommended by Adele Jane
- FL grows up in a privileged background, ML grows up without his parents.
- FL's mom knows ML as a child before FL even meets ML.
- FL's mom does not like the ML for a mistake that the ML made as a child.
Recommended by baijingting
- Snowy setting
- Coach ML
- FL rekindled ML's passion for his sport, which he abandoned years ago due to some reason.
Recommended by AnnV
Both were sweet romantic dramas, with a little bit of pining and family obstacles, but the leads only have eyes for each other the whole time. There was a similar calm, almost slow burn to both stories which gave them a similar vibe.
Recommended by emmam25
I find the dramas to have a similar vibe. If you haven’t check out the other you should do so.

So far the similarities are:

- Snow setting
-Slow burn romance
-Calm leads
- Slow paced drama
-Winter setting
Recommended by FlyDoll
feel-good dramas with young leads who depict young romance
The stories are a bit different but they both involve young people and their lives and conquest at finding love
Recommended by tintin92
-The main couple is supportive with each other's dreams.
-Light & fluffy romance, no unnecessary drama, breakups & whatnot
-Chemistry is ?
-ML & FL are both smart.
Recommended by fictionzoneddd
both male leads are green flags!!
both dramas don't have much misunderstanding
both dramas have a healthy main relationship
both male leads are smart and calm
love at first sight in both dramas (Instant attraction)
both are 30 episodes long
both have supportive teammate characters that make the scenes funny and interesting.
Recommended by Minn
So far, ‘Amidst a Snowstorm of Love’ is giving me the same stress relief vibe as ‘Meet Yourself’. Simple and mesmerizing.
Recommended by dreaming
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