Both dramas deal with the female lead entering a time loop focused on or around their boss. Both dramas also have romantic and suspenseful undertones.
Recommended by RCA
Both MLs have similar kind of narcissistic personality. Both of them are rude, arrogant, mean and have extreme superiority complex. Also they both are 'single since birth' guys who think "no one deserves a high and mighty guy like me" lol.Aaand the amount of delulu both of them have is also similar. They both misunderstand that FLs have crush on them. Even says "I allow you to like me" haha. And then get angry when FLs are with other guys and feel being cheated.

My favourite part of both dramas are the character development both BZX and QH have. They go from meanest guys to the most whipped bfs. Aaand both MLs' journey from "I allow you to like me" to "I can't live without you" is so satisfying yaaa
Recommended by Yixin
Capable Subordinate and Arrogant Boss fall in love. Incorporates a time loop/time travel/adjustment of time that is given to help the male lead who needs to change his ways in order to lead his team to prosper.
Recommended by yannie_alienates
A misunderstood boss falls in love with a subordinate who brings out the best sides of him and seems to understand him the most.
Recommended by yannie_alienates
A misunderstood manager and subordinate fall in love. The manager becomes a better person; character growth.
Recommended by yannie_alienates
Not similar concept but both are office dramas. The humour is kind of similar and they game me the same vibe honestly.
Recommended by CARDI C
Both have time loops related to their boss and need to change it to get to the next day................
Recommended by clau 123
It has the a similar concept of Time Loop and the male lead dies multiple times and both the male and female lead enter a time loop.
Recommended by clau 123
The two have temporal loops related to their boss.......................................................................
Recommended by clau 123
They get into a time loop because of the protagonist's death, so they'll have to figure out how to end it.
Recommended by clau 123
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