Chief Producer


Executive Producer


Main Role

Support Role

  • Xia Hou Bin
    Zhao Peng Zhan [First Son of Zhao family]
    Support Role
  • Zhao Xun
    Zhao Peng Xiang [Third Son of Zhao family]
    Support Role
  • Xu Hong Hao
    Zhang Qiu Feng [Police Chief of Criminal Investigation Detachment]
    Support Role
  • Fu Cheng Peng
    Xiao Zhen Bang [Deputy Director of Public Security Bureau of Changwu City]
    Support Role
  • Sun Xun
    Li Bo Dong [Deputy Chief of Public Security Bureau Criminal investigation Brigade]
    Support Role
  • Zhang Jin
    Song Guang Ming [Criminal Investigation Police Officer]
    Support Role
  • Zhang Kai Chun
    Ning Yu [Criminal Investigation Police Officer]
    Support Role
  • Lin Yi Ting
    Ji Nian [Lawyer / Chang Zheng's girlfriend]
    Support Role
  • Yu Yue
    Qiu Tao [Zhao family driver]
    Support Role
  • Jiang Shan
    Han Ya [Vice-Mayor of Changwu City / Zhao Peng Chao's mother]
    Support Role
  • Shi Lan Ya
    Lin Bai [Chang Zheng's mother]
    Support Role
  • Xie Hong Xin
    Chang Shi [Chang Zheng's brother]
    Support Role
  • Li Qiang
    Zheng Guang Tian [Xiao Zhen Bang's father in-law]
    Support Role
  • Yang He Yun
    Hei Tou [Zhao Peng Chao's subordinate]
    Support Role
  • Yang Shu
    Sang Niu [Zhao Peng Chao's subordinate]
    Support Role
  • Zhang Yong Bo
    Tang Shao Wen [Zhao family Butler]
    Support Role
  • Hao Lu
    Shan Mao [Zhao Peng Xiang's subordinate]
    Support Role
  • Ju Hao
    Bai Xiao [Zhao family relative]
    Support Role
  • Fei Li Qi
    Xiao Chen [Prosecutor / Xiao Zhen Bang's son]
    Support Role
  • Hu Yi
    Xia Zong Tao
    Support Role
  • Guo Yan
    Cao Da Long
    Support Role
  • Yang Wen Zhe
    Jia Xiao Qiang [Police Officer]
    Support Role
  • Hua Ming Wei
    Zhang Xiao Ming [Police Officer - Secret Task Force]
    Support Role
  • Wang Chun Yu
    He Yi Dong [Police Officer - Secret Task Force]
    Support Role
  • Chen Lu
    Peng Duo [Police Officer - Secret Task Force]
    Support Role
  • Yang Chuan Bei
    Lu Jian [Police Officer - Secret Task Force]
    Support Role
  • Guan Ya Jun
    Qing Cheng Lin {Secretary of Changwu City]
    Support Role
  • Xue Jing Rui
    Xia Zong Hai [Xia Zong Tao's older brother]
    Support Role
  • Zhu Guo Yu
    Support Role
  • Xi Wen
    Lao Chou
    Support Role
  • Shen Lu
    Peng Duo
    Support Role

Guest Role

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