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As a new community, the "House of Hope" has appeared. Who are they with a prosperous civilization? In addition, a golem with an "x" that seems to have been artificially attached appears. A new threat comes to those who survive the "End-of-world". (Source: NTV) Edit Translation

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  • magyar / magyar nyelv
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  • Country: Japan
  • Type: Drama
  • Episodes: 6
  • Aired: Mar 21, 2021 - Apr 25, 2021
  • Aired On: Sunday
  • Original Network: Hulu
  • Duration: 55 min.
  • Score: 7.3 (scored by 493 users)
  • Ranked: #7547
  • Popularity: #7504
  • Content Rating: 13+ - Teens 13 or older

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Kimi to Sekai ga Owaru Hi ni Season 2 (2021) photo
Kimi to Sekai ga Owaru Hi ni Season 2 (2021) photo
Kimi to Sekai ga Owaru Hi ni Season 2 (2021) photo


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May 3, 2021
6 of 6 episodes seen
Completed 4
Overall 5.5
Story 5.5
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 3.0
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Had high hopes, and now we're here....

WOAH what can I say about this mess of a season, other than, it's absolute crap.

Seriously, don't bother watching this drama, and surely reading this LONG review if you don't want to get SPOILERS because I'll be straightforward and addressing plenty of issues regarding this season and if you think you're getting answers or any plot development since season one, than you better just drop it, because you're not, believe me, this disaster here was only to scrap characters from back and forth, stir conflicts, destroy character's plotline and perhaps act as a poor bridge to a third season.

Which I am highly skeptical about after this train wreck...

I've spent all this time pissed off while watching the attempt of development of plot here, and there was NONE.

First of all let me say, I didn't like Kurumi in the first season, and she proved to me again in this one why I disliked her character. It's a waste of FL, I don't see any improvement on her storyline but a setback instead. The whole amnesia being one of the symptoms of the virus she was injected was a cliché plotline to help with the sole mess that was the shelter "House of Hope".
She once again is the main reason Hibiki walks and breathes apparently, in his world there's only Kurumi and the rest is landscape, because wherever she is or goes so will he. Even if she forgets him entirely and ends up falling for the most cliché of all, oh yeah ANOTHER MAN. Years down the gutter right there, even if not remembering, I am sure she could feel deep in her heart that something wasn't right whenever she interacted with others, but I guess she is that clueless and emotionlessly driven. Pissed me off, how much more does Hibiki have to sacrifice for her, when in the first season he did that plenty...

Hibiki ohh the ML, the so-called leader, yeah for the while he had that role anyway. It served him better in season one, but after getting Kurumi back I guess he lost his senses, but even more when she lost her memories. In that moment I believe he just lost his marbles, because the rest on his scale lost the spark or interest the minute he stepped foot into the shelter. His plotline was destroyed by Kurumi once again, and he still had to go out there in search of some sort of cure for her. Funny thing right? He is the main character and in a season of ONLY 6 episodes he disappears for like 1 episode and a half maybe? Almost 2?
I lost the count because apparently here all that mattered was that bloody house and their annoying racist residents.

But seriously he goes ALL THE WAY to Fukushima and not even an insight on his journey is shown there??
What are we? Oblivious tenants in "House of Hope" to stay behind and not know about the world??
We're only left with his words, when he does come back (to find his girl being kissed by spineless creep), that there's no hope or even cure because he has seen that there's no safe space out there and that's it?

Well, nothing new there right?

In the first season there was already many facts that showed the lack of hope for better places and more survivors.
Hibiki's new found family is suffering and he is clueless about it, because all that matters is Kurumi... *echoes on her name*

The only highlight in this season could be the new bond formed between Todoroki and Kanae. When others fall, some will rise, these two are complete opposites and yet they compliment one another well in a crisis. Todoroki development from the first season to this one and the fact that he is atoning for being alive, only demonstrates how he is struggling and how much Kanae is helping him. The thing I don't get it is how the hell does he amputates his hand in cold blood, without hygiene because, well it was a life or death situation and they were trapped and void of options, and not bleed out or get an infection since they gave up returning to the shelter in the first place. Kanae, certainly is a female character that I for once noticed how much she evolved in the first season and she did not disappoint in this one. Her character is much stronger than others and she has learned to adapt well. I think that's part of her charm and new found charisma that attracted Todoroki towards her, and made them comfort themselves in their losses and grief, and pain of being rejected and made outcasts in a certain way. Them getting together only proves they can learn to love one another, and forget or lessen the supposed feelings they had for Kurumi and Hibiki.

Akiyoshi Ren, the son of the former leader of "House of Hope" pissed me off the most.

ALSO am I the only one thinking he looks like a total creep? >.<

Because those angry stares, and his whole dark emo demeanor, was awful for a leader I must say. If enigmatic and gloomy was the goal there, they FAILED completely. I was mostly creeped out and found him to be a rat and a weasel (note not to offend the animals, the poor creatures) on his attitudes and lack of integrity and morals. I mean stealing someone's lover, when he was made their guardian was a LOW BLOW. Even if it was Kurumi, that only shows how much of a coward he is and a traitor too in the first place. What a terrible example to lead, but then again the residents themselves were all garbage in the first place.

"House of Hope" what an ironic name for such a hopeless place.

The residents think they are almighty in their messed up beliefs and minds, that they deserve to survive better than actual survivors that have indeed seen the atrocities and what the world has turned into. The greed there is one of a kind, and the division of equality freakin' unbelievable, but then again, that's what we call humanity in a crisis. May the worthy survive and the less fortunate fall, what a load of crap! The sheer discrimination there shows the envy and disdain people have of each other. It only depicted what he learned from the group of strangers in the first season who learned and adapted to each other in order to survive, and in there they are slandered and made victims for being outsiders of the original residents. A bunch of narcissistic people, and the fact that most wear white outfits, as if they are pure or of better breed is quite ironic, when there should be unity, they are only divided.

Hope? Where? I don't see it.

The original group all divided is a blow too, and the amount of characters killed in this season is ridiculous.

It's like the screenwriter only wanted to get rid of most plot and add others, only to kill most of them at the end.

Oh and Hibiki's dad! That is like a filler inside a filler here. I mean the guy vanishes for YEARS! And irony of fate, when the world is falling down, they are united again, because that's right, the old man is at the shelter, who knew right.?
BUT, wait for it, because it's a bittersweet greeting. Not only is Hibiki's pissed off and with reason given the old pops never said anything and left him behind, only to discover he is about to die there. Talk about killing characters for plot and angst right.?
Honestly not much angst though, the man hardly has worthy interactions there, it's like a walking contradiction to teach us a few morals. Just like they tried to teach us the sense of family, that not always has to be from the same blood.

And when strangers are closer than family members, is like a slap in the face of the tenants there.

POINTLESS should be the word for everything in this season.

We're nowhere close to figure things out. The potential of plot here was wasted by cliché storyline, and a killing spree.

Why bring Minjun, or whoever is that?? Because for all records we saw him die in season one.
He died as a good boy, he was brave and had a family, HAD, because they are all torn apart now and some are dead...
Makes no sense to make him an antagonist now. What's this an anime of an ANTI-HERO who came back from the grave??

I had a few theories and I believe I made some comments in here too about them, and I expected it to be the case of something close from that but in this filler season nothing happened. I had a theory that both Kurumi and Minjun could be the only hope for a potential cure, because she was injected with samples of the virus and who knows what that Shuto did in that lab, to have Golems locked up and the original one of all in a isolated cell. Minjun was bitten by it. Hibiki's mother was the original one, the source of the current virus, so I had a theory that maybe her bitemark could have reversed side effects, perhaps regenerating ones as a side effect instead, and perhaps Kurumi would too if her imune system was a rare one like they have stated before, to be able to resist and delay the infection.

Although we saw Hibiki stab Minjun's head and his death, so that part would be odd to explain. But the strangest thing to witness here in his lookalike is that his right eye is marked with an X, or has a scar across it, and why does he remain hidden and acts like the walking dead? Maybe he is one...
I mean, if he is Minjun he was indeed buried.
Not a fortune event to crawl his way out of there.

I bet there could be more theories, but THIS SEASON MADE NONE WHATSOEVER.
It was only good to avoid it, and confuse us more, with the premise of a shed of hope with Kurumi's conception.
If their intention was to spur curiosity for the next season, well they made the opposite since many people dropped this for sure.

I for one, despite having rolled my eyes 'till infinity with these 6 episodes, will only see season 3 to see how further are they planning to ruin a show. That and because I want to know if that moody fella really is Minjun or not. Because that individual did end up going to the island and mess with Minjun's grave and rest place.

Could this be a sign? Who knows, certainly not me.

All I know is that this season could have been better, if it had maybe 10 episodes like the previous one and a decent plot and not an endless killing spree and mysterious events that didn't even let us see who the real antagonists is or better are, because that scene that caused a massacre at the "House of Hope" was made by more than a sole individual, and Akiyoshi had said it, there is a gang of former members of the shelter that rebelled, so he is putting the blame on them...

However, could this be really the truth?

I don't trust that guy. One can blame the pressure of replacing his mother that provided better guidance to the residents, and to the apocalyptic world they are living in but when being a leader it's not only the choices we make that are bound to others, it's the example and integrity too, and he has none. He slowly turned and consumed himself into the dark abyss that he feels deep inside him, believing that he is being bellitled and put aside, therefore snapping against Hibiki, and letting other's be in danger. He is selfish, and like most humans, greedy of what's not even is in the first place.

As much as I dislike Kurumi, what he did to her was wrong, he controlled and played with her unstable self and messed up emotions, as to make her stay with him and love him, instead of Hibiki. When Akiyoshi learns of her sudden pregnancy that could only be from her former lover, because let's face it there's no miracles here (and not even one would save this season.... that's for sure), he goes all mental against Hibiki when he is also denying the child, the opposite of Hibiki who wants to embrace his newfound role.

But guess what Kurumi leaves once again without saying a word, because it's the whole excuse of protecting others.... and once again Hibiki is pulled for the mighty magnet that is Kurumi, and their unborn child. The savior, departing the shelter once again. And this time he isn't going alone, because Yuzuki, is tagging along. Him being shot and wounded, and her being limping (and might I add ahsmatic, although in this season that hardly is mentioned unlike the first season where it was life or death), what a duo. I wonder what their reaction will be if they end up reaching Kurumi and find out Minjun or whoever is behind this.

This was a MESS and that's about it.

And I probably have more to say, but this is taking way too long and it was frustrating enough and infuriating to see how this went downhill so fast...

We had high hopes. Maybe we did...

OST wise the same song that follows here from the first season, works out fine too.
The acting of some here works better than the story itself.
As for seeing it again, (unless I missed something, along with my braincells) I would say no, thank you.

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Feb 28, 2022
6 of 6 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 6.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
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Almost better than season 1

Now ML and FL are together with their friends, looking for a safe place to stay. They were happy until they discovered the effects of the experiments on FL.

They were forced to leave the group. And while FL's body fought the infection, she lost all of her memories. They found a new safe place to stay, but with her memory gone, new problems arose.

She's scared of her BF, of the virus, basically she's scared of the world, which is understandable because of her memory loss. What's not understandable is her, turning to another man who's basically just a boy compared to ML.

She's consistent though, gullible and easy to manipulate. She's still that pretty girl who's nice to everybody else except her BF. Even when she discovered her pregnancy, she still choose to leave him. ML then went out to search for her again. It's a sad love story honestly, a guy who loves so greatly and girl who takes it for granted. Now off to season 3..

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