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Zhao Jiang Yue is the somewhat tyrannical head of a tech firm. She is known for her no-nonsense approach to business - and her employees. The firm releases a dating app that promises to match users with a partner in the space of just three months. She is also somewhat clueless in affairs of the heart herself. But things start to get uncomfortable at work when the family who own the company make arrangements for Gu Jia Xin, the heir to the business group that owns the company, to join as Zhao Jiang Yue's temporary assistant. Gu Jia Xin's mother wants him to take charge of the business, but he has other ideas. He is a successful pro racing driver and is wildly popular with his female fans, and would rather compete on the motorcycle track than spend time in the boardroom. At first, the duo gets off on the wrong foot: Zhao Jiang Yue tries to intimidate him, and Gu Jia Xin's bumbling causes problems. But when she enlists Gu Jia Xin's help to try to capture Xu Ning Yuan's heart, he suddenly starts to realize that he is developing feelings for her, and that the feeling just might be mutual... (Source: Viki) Edit Translation

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  • Country: China
  • Type: Drama
  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Feb 8, 2022 - Mar 1, 2022
  • Aired On: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Original Network: Youku
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Score: 8.2 (scored by 8,302 users)
  • Ranked: #1428
  • Popularity: #854
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

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Mar 2, 2022
24 of 24 episodes seen
Completed 8
Overall 8.0
Story 5.0
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 10
Rewatch Value 7.5
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Sizzling Chemistry, Great Comedy---Acting & Plot Sold Separately.

For the first time ever, I'm giving a high score to a show where there was virtually no acting nor real plot. Starting with the pros as usual.

Pros: The absolutely sizzling chemistry between the leads for starters. From the the day they meet which is episode one, even if they don't like each other in the slightest, they're drawn to each other. Doesn't hurt that ML does come off as a cross between Elvis and Christian Grey (he cooks, cleans, can speak the language of cacti, can both play and teach golf, is a motorcycle rider/racer, knows various computer programs, is a magician, a gamer, can livestream, sings and plays the piano, plays chess, as well as can fly a helicopter and land in any emergency). The comedy is awesome; it makes you laugh hysterically sometimes at the ridiculous situations both leads find themselves in or put themselves in. The ML started as a bit of a selfish character, in reality he had a great heart all around and was very likable. The FL though stubborn and had nothing in her life save for work, was a sweet and caring woman. ML does chase FL first and that's where the primary comedy comes from, though there's a lot of it before he comes to that realization.

All of the secondary characters and couples have their own stories and they all come in when needed and resolved accordingly. I'm very glad that ML's best friend didn't just disappear because he was in a coma the entire series as often seen with useless characters. He was given etches of improvements and then him being shown awake at a very important time in the series. The OSTs were very on point and appropriate where they were added. Very glad the singular antagonist was dealt with accordingly and that it didn't drag on for eternity considering this was a series with only 24 episodes.

Cons: No plot; this show hinged on the lives of office workers and a romance between a younger man and older woman. There was also a love triangle or quad happening. The acting was subpar at best. ML is an idol with very little acting experience; if he wants to continue in the industry, I hope he gets himself an acting coach and learns how to show emotions not just say the lines. The stone-faced look didn't help the softer scenes or anywhere really; even the two times he really cried just didn't hit the mark, like he was trying too hard. Also not sure what was going on with the fashion on this show; the ML in particular had some avant-garde Project Runway thing going on that more often than not, didn't make any sense for neither him nor his character. Also way too much product placement; KellyOne water was literally everywhere.

LYR or cling wrap chick as I called her had to be the worst thing in this entire series. Though she did slightly evolve towards the end; I still do not understand this need to stick these whiny, annoying, stalkerish second or third female leads into these series, modern or otherwise. Even if she's supposed to be 23, she legit acts like she's a pre-teen. Once she finally got it through her head that GJX was not interested (and it took a few times), she proceeded to latch onto another man like gorilla glue also following him overseas. It's mind boggling that these kinds of characters are used over and over again. Real women do not act like that! There was a necessity to ffw her a few times.

Would I recommend it? I was looking for a rom-com where it was easy on the brain and you could just enjoy. This fit the bill to a T. So if that's what you're looking for as well, this is your show! Grab some popcorn, get ready to laugh a lot, and enjoy the cuter then hell moments especially starting with episode 17. ;)

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Feb 23, 2022
24 of 24 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 8.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 8.0

Great drama, great ending and great chemistry!!

This Chinese drama is refreshing!! YES, finally one that is done right, although I believed it was filmed in 2019?

Zhao Jiang Yue is a top manager in the company, just turned thirty and has never been in love or in a relationship. Gina Jin who plays the FL is off the charts in this- gorgeous, beautiful, dressing makeup and hair all done so well! Very good acting as well. I loved the way she teased her bf. Her male counterpart Gu Jiaxin is the son of the CEO, forced to be ZJY’s assistant by the mum. Although he’s a rich kid and didn’t want to work at the company, he’s thoughtful and kind, and eventually starts falling in love with ZJY.

Their chemistry is SO SO GOOD!! The stealing glances, the hand brushing against each other, the “I will protect you” manoeuvres, the intensity, the longing.... my gosh!! Can’t get enough! The other side couples are not too bad as well. The only criticism I have is the character Li Yan Ran. She appears after a few episodes, and she is the MOST ANNOYING PERSON EVER!! Her character just ruined the whole drama- seriously. I understand the writers need a female rival, but this does not cut it. UGH!

The music OST is also very enjoyable and memorable. Definitely highly recommended drama- very refreshing and feel- good overall with a great ending!! Must watch :)

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  • Drama: Why Women Love
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Feb 8, 2022 - Mar 1, 2022
  • Aired On: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Original Network: Youku
  • Duration: 45 min.
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  • Score: 8.2 (scored by 8,302 users)
  • Ranked: #1428
  • Popularity: #854
  • Watchers: 18,860

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