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Prime Minister and I Episode 13

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Feb 5, 2014

no no no no .. waee

You are kidding me, right? I just thought that this episode was too good to be true when Park Na Young made her appearence in front of the prime minister's residence. I really thought things are going to be better now: Nam Da Jung confesses her feelings and within one episode Kwon Yul also allows himself to feel love towards Nam Da Jung. Why did his ex-wife appear now? This will be really bad. I wonder how the prime minister and the kids will react to the fact she isn't dad. After all she left them 7 years in the believe that she died in this car accident. If she was alive all along why didn't she return? Wouldn't that feel like (at least for the kids) their mother abandonded them? Omo, I am so anxious right now.
And I am afraid of what's going to happen in the next episode. But at the same time I can't wait to see how everything will turn out. Please be nice to us, dear writers!

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Jan 27, 2014

asdfghjkl finally! sweetness overload....

omo omo omo suddenly this drama is doing fast-forward mode! I'm so surprised after last episode when Da-jeong finally confessed her feeling towards Yul, just to find another happy and meaningful moments in this episode...

Finally, like finally, our couple come to realize their feelings to each other. After Da-jeong confessed, Yul was taken aback by her words and made him think more about his feeling towards her. He was concerned that he's far more older than her, and once married before - good point and simply realistic.

Da-jeong told him to just stand where he is, and let her come nearer, one step at the time, getting closer to him. She made him promise to stand where he is and not walk away.

But Yul answered that he might not be able to keep that promise, as he also love her. "I won't ever let this hand go." kyaaaaaaaaaa!!
Enough said!

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