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I will quote the user miina, cuz she has the same reasons I have to rec Kill me, Heal me.
"Both drama the main actress is a psychiatrist. and the main actor have mental illness. the most important, both dramas very good."
+ in KmHm there is a bit more action
Try it and enjoy :)
Recommended by Izida
Both dramas are eye-opening. They both leave powerful messages for the viewers.
Recommended by nikki
Similarity? How the male lead is sick or having family members opposing and yet the romance are going strong. Good medical case study for you to study and learn about from the perspectives of the patients too. Perhaps only in drama, can we see ill-ed person having a lasting romance.
Recommended by yukified
Both deal with mental illness and are very good at showing the spectrum of the human condition. In both dramas one of the characters is a psychiastrist and also in both dramas both characters suffer different mental illnesses.
Recommended by Becca256
both are healing dramas ...........................................................................................................
Recommended by Irusu
These are completely different plot-wise, but they leave you with a similar feel and strong message. In both dramas, the leads fall for each other while the female lead helps the male face his fears and overcome emotional issues from childhood, and the male lead helps to break down her guarded emotional walls. Plus the supporting cast in both are just as lovable! Add some gif-able comedic scenes and squeal-worthy bromances and you've got a couple of dramas worthy of a 10 star rating IMHO! If you like one then you're sure to like the other.
Recommended by Annalisse
they have very different plot, but both of the lead characters are cool. even though their ost genre is different, but both of it choose the right ost very well, i like it so much. i also like the way they shoot the drama, it give some feeling (i can't explain it but i love it).

remind : they're very different, but if you think bubblegum is unique, then maybe you'll like it's okay that's love
Recommended by Carpediem
Both dramas give that pleasure to enjoy smart, funny, psychologically deep and breathtaking love story. Main characters are smart, in their early 30s. Main actors/actresses are great and acted great.
Stories are totally different, each of the dramas has it's own taste and style. But they both are pieces of art - good work of filming teams.
These two are my fav dramas, the best of Korean, and the best of Taiwanese.
Recommended by Nanotao
Delves further into an occupation,this time psychiatry and mental illness. Same writer and director, Kwangsoo as a support role, Sung Dong Il also as a support role with a really great relationship. It's relatable and talks about the realities of the job and how mental illnesses are more prevalent than we think. Like Live, it's a really beautiful watch.
Recommended by bridget
Both the movie and the drama involve a psychological setting and have absolutely great acting. As different the dealing with the mentally ill is, hope resonates in both.
Recommended by Miaya
Both male leads are writers who are fond of releasing consistent dark novels. Well, there's a story behind, but its story is interesting as characters' real personalities keep on developing. This is beyond a romcom drama! ^^

There's also a connection between Go Kyung Pyo and D.O. characters and the male leads that only them could experience.
Recommended by mickey
Both dramas deal with the psychological aspect of human nature as well as romance and life in general. MARS is a bit more deep and dark than It's okay, It's love but both are very good dramas. MARS is one of my absolute favorites, it's based on, and follows quite faithfully, the original manga by Fuyumi Soryo. I absolutely recommend you check it out! Like the phrase goes, it's an oldie but a goodie. ^_^
Recommended by hearts
Gong HyoJin's amazing acting takes on a different, and slightly less 'intelligent' role in The Master's Sun - but pulls it off as flawlessly as she did her eccentric and complex character in It's OK, That's Love.
Both dramas have a lead character (Joong Won in The Master's Sun, Hae Soo in It's OK, That's Love) that sees themselves as a little bit superior and doesn't want to have much to do with the second lead initially, but turns into a comedic and cheeky relationship.
Both have psychological elements to them which can be very sad. Without giving too much away, a departing of a certain soul in TMS reminded me of a soul the metaphorically leaves in IOTL). They also deal with healing wounds and fixing problems of the past.
Both are funny and feel-good dramas.
TMS is a little more slow-paced but has a more complex plot; IOTL has more side-plots, a less complex main story but is more high-intensity and high-emotion.
Recommended by Grace
The main character in both series are doctors and their work is a major focus. A lot of the issues that the main characters have to deal with in their interpersonal relationships are similar.
Recommended by GigiRedbird