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Fated to Love You Episode 11

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Ratings: 8.4/10 from 45 users
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  • Aired: August 06, 2014

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Oct 26, 2015

Fated to Love You Episode 11 Reviews

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Sep 19, 2015

Two Stars

A really unnecessary episode, in my opinion! The whole thing was a whole load of nothing. *sigh.
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Jun 18, 2015

Ruined it...

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a korean drama where both the leads are in love by the half of the series, must have amnesia...
(Jane Austen fans will get it)
This is so stupid it hurts... Taiwanese version was SOOO good... why ruin it like this?
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Vasundhara Kashyap
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Aug 8, 2014

This sucks

So.... the infamous Korean amnesia sucks again. Even bloody Indian dramas don't have this nonsense. This was a perfectly good show that is being ruined by the writers right in the middle of it.
Ratings seem to already be dropping down and I for one have dropped this show. It's a waste of time if you don't like bullshit in your shows. It's almost as though the writers want to insult themselves with their lack of creativity and intelligence.
Also, are Koreans so weak that the second they get stressed they get blind / get amnesia. Really? WHY ruin a perfect show. every aspect of it was perfect. They had to ruin it. I'll have to find ut what other shows this writer is working on and avoid them.

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