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I'm a Kdrama junkie! And I love to talk about anything and everything drama related. I write a review for every drama I watch so check them out and if you're up for deep discussions about plots and morals or shallow discussions about dimples and biceps, let's be friends! 

Let's get the awkward out of the way. I hated Secret Garden even though I cracked a rib laughing because the romance was the least romantic thing I've ever seen. 

I'm also starting to realise that I do not love Lee Min Ho (*gasp) because no matter how good looking he is, he tends to portray assholes. 

Pet peeves

slow-mo anything 

wrist grabs 

incompetent heroines

pointless flashbacks

non-consensual affection

slurping noodles

Things I never tire of


second male lead syndrome 


happy couples


family reconciliation

P.S. I don't watch paranormal content.


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