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Fated to Love You



  • Score: 8.3 (scored by 12,155 users)
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Both series are good rom-coms that are delightful to watch. They have both have male leads with weird eccentric personality but eventually becomes adorable. The male leads both see something special to their seemingly ordinary female lead and its a fun watch how these alpha males becomes soft hearted because of their love for the female leads.
Both also had used the machination of amnesia in their story plot but don't worry because the male leads quickly got their memory back and lasted for just an episode. Its seems love has a way of bringing memories to surface.
Both dramas also used metaphors like sun, shield and snail... you'll get these after watching and will become fond associations when you think of these dramas.
Recommended by couchpotato_md
7.9 Goong (2006)
-Poor Female Leads
-Rich Male Leads in a position of power
-Contract Romance and Marriage
-Male Lead has girlfriend in the beginning that the Female Lead "ruins" by events out of anyones control
-Sweet Second Male Lead
-The Second Female Lead and First Male Lead try to continue a relationship before guilt for the Female Lead gets in the way for the Male Lead
-Annoying Time Jump
Recommended by missraichyl
because fated to love you is the best drama ever, even it's kinda old but the feelings, man, the only one drama that made me cried so hard
Recommended by Amy Nguyen
Both of these dramas are romantic comedies, though I would say Fated To Love You leans more to the drama and Marriage, Not Dating is slightly more comedic. They both feature a lovable cast and fun story.
Recommended by KoriNeko18
When you enjoyed one of this drama, you will enjoy the other one, too. Main leads characters are the same:
The guy is a weirdo, getting annoyed fast by the female lead, and is arrogant and sometimes mean. The girl is cute, very nice but also pretty naiv. Fated to Love You is about pregnancy/marriage while Youre Beautiful is about band life/music. But relationship of the main leads is pretty similiar.
Recommended by Masquerade
7.4 Oum Ruk (2006)
Both dramas depict unexpected pregnancy due to one-night stand...In both the couple get married with the condition that they'll divorce after the delivery of the baby...in Oum Ruk...the male lead is kind and warm...always trying to take care of his wife who's still in love with her ex...while in Fated To Love You...the female lead is the one trying to get her husband's heart...in short...they depict opposite situations...but both are really funny with many sweet moments!
Recommended by Ginger
Both Fated To Love You and Finding Mr Destiny have an element of Fate bringing the couples together.
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas
Both dramas involve an accidental pregnancy and contract marriage that brought the leads closer. The female lead in sunshine happiness wanted to save an orphanage and the female lead in fated to love you wanted to save a soap factory and her hometown. Both female leads are both caring individuals who puts other's needs and feeling first. This traits endeared them to their respective male leads.
Recommended by couchpotato_md
--- Talk about "Screwball Comedy"!! ... Both are Hilarious.... w/ Outrageous characters ...and... even more Outrageous Shenanigans !!! ..... and ..... scenes that will literally have you Rolling-on-the-Floor w/ Laughter !!!
--- Both have leading men driven to do Crazy things out of Jealousy...
--- Both have a wonderful , lovable, adorable couple forced to live together due to Ridiculous circumstances.... then love grows , against-all-odds , and overcomes obstacles.

--- Fated to Love You is strong on the Romance and love Triangle w/ family involvement .
--- Smile You is strong on the Family drama w/ a surprisingly Wonderful Romance to boot ... etc...etc...
Recommended by rainruma
Marriage Contract and Fated to Love You were similar to me and I think that the ending will most likely be similar as well due to the mens feelings.
-Both women are kinda a push-over in a way.
-Due to "conditions" both women must marry a rich man.
-Both couples make a "contract" for their marriage.
Recommended by BlxxdyButterfly
Both have..

-Leads enter a contract marriage (of some sort or another)
-leads start off in love with someone else
-female leads are awkward and innocent
-realistic relationships and struggles (not intense or melo-y) that are relatable
-romantic comedy that DOES NOT have an extreme melodramatic dip midway
-quickly(ish) developed cute romance
-an unavoidable occurrence causes conflict
Recommended by OKasiandrama
This is the original Taiwanese version of this drama. Same plot, same characters, just different country and different actors.
Recommended by WillowM
Pregnancy leading to marriage , mature story without unnecessary cliches.
Recommended by 3ngin33r
it has very sweet romantic moments but also some sad moments. The man is very cool towards the girl. The girl Mi Young is very clumsy and not smart nor beautiful. But she falls in love with the CEO Lee Gun. In the beginning she has to marry this man because of an accident she becomes pregnant of him. It's also very funny. The series gives a similar feeling as It Started with a Kiss.

If you're looking for a different story with a similar feeling and great chemistry between the actor and actress. Then go for this Korean Drama!!!
Recommended by Sae
Same story line, two strangers who suddenly get involved and after that can't get away from each other.
Recommended by Bellness