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This is the original Taiwanese version of this drama. Same plot, same characters, just different country and different actors.
Recommended by WillowM
-Poor Female Leads
-Rich Male Leads in a position of power
-Contract Romance and Marriage
-Male Lead has girlfriend in the beginning that the Female Lead "ruins" by events out of anyones control
-Sweet Second Male Lead
-The Second Female Lead and First Male Lead try to continue a relationship before guilt for the Female Lead gets in the way for the Male Lead
-Annoying Time Jump
Recommended by missraichyl
Both are about women that have one night stands that end up in pregnancy.
Recommended by jonssister
The stories don't have much in common but I have read many comments (and I agree) finding the two male leads similar. It's true that they seem to have a cool and collected façade, but both have a very strange, irrational part to them that is revealed as they fall in love with the female lead. One of the most striking illustrations of this is their "demented" laugh. Also, both actors (So Ji Sub and Jang Hyuk) are more "mature" actors (37 and 38) that play mainly in action type dramas, and both Master's Sun and Fated To Love You are their first rom-coms in years.
Recommended by Kim-Park-Lee
Fated to love you and Because this is my first life are great Romance drama with after marriage love story and romance, in both drama their is a contract between couple,
Highly recommend this drama along with other drama mentioned.
Both has interesting romantic story with little melodrama content and Comedy
Recommended by Sam Pendragon
Both are very sweet romantic comedies. Both male leads have eccentric anti-social behaviors at first, but after they meet the sweet, naive, lovable female leads they start to soften up and become amazing SOs. 30b17 has a more serious social message and life lessons, but most of the show is light and funny. Both couples end up falling in love after living together. Both shows will give you second male lead syndrome and both shows will launch them into first male leads because of how lovable they were in these shows. Both shows have time jumps though most people will be very happy with the one in 30b17. Both are sweet love stories with very funny quirky characters. Both shows are about very artistically talented leads. They will both leave you with very warm fuzzy feelings.
Recommended by DLKDramaFan
Both of these dramas are romantic comedies, though I would say Fated To Love You leans more to the drama and Marriage, Not Dating is slightly more comedic. They both feature a lovable cast and fun story.
Recommended by kori
When you enjoyed one of this drama, you will enjoy the other one, too. Main leads characters are the same:
The guy is a weirdo, getting annoyed fast by the female lead, and is arrogant and sometimes mean. The girl is cute, very nice but also pretty naiv. Fated to Love You is about pregnancy/marriage while Youre Beautiful is about band life/music. But relationship of the main leads is pretty similiar.
Recommended by Masquerade
Both dramas depict unexpected pregnancy due to one-night stand...In both the couple get married with the condition that they'll divorce after the delivery of the baby...in Oum Ruk...the male lead is kind and warm...always trying to take care of his wife who's still in love with her ex...while in Fated To Love You...the female lead is the one trying to get her husband's heart...in short...they depict opposite situations...but both are really funny with many sweet moments!
Recommended by Ginger
Both Fated To Love You and Finding Mr Destiny have an element of Fate bringing the couples together.
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas
Both dramas involve an accidental pregnancy and contract marriage that brought the leads closer. The female lead in sunshine happiness wanted to save an orphanage and the female lead in fated to love you wanted to save a soap factory and her hometown. Both female leads are both caring individuals who puts other's needs and feeling first. This traits endeared them to their respective male leads.
Recommended by couchpotato_md
--- Talk about "Screwball Comedy"!! ... Both are Hilarious.... w/ Outrageous characters ...and... even more Outrageous Shenanigans !!! ..... and ..... scenes that will literally have you Rolling-on-the-Floor w/ Laughter !!!
--- Both have leading men driven to do Crazy things out of Jealousy...
--- Both have a wonderful , lovable, adorable couple forced to live together due to Ridiculous circumstances.... then love grows , against-all-odds , and overcomes obstacles.

--- Fated to Love You is strong on the Romance and love Triangle w/ family involvement .
--- Smile You is strong on the Family drama w/ a surprisingly Wonderful Romance to boot ... etc...etc...
Recommended by rainruma
Marriage Contract and Fated to Love You were similar to me and I think that the ending will most likely be similar as well due to the mens feelings.
-Both women are kinda a push-over in a way.
-Due to "conditions" both women must marry a rich man.
-Both couples make a "contract" for their marriage.
Recommended by BlxxdyButterfly
Both have..

-Leads enter a contract marriage (of some sort or another)
-leads start off in love with someone else
-female leads are awkward and innocent
-realistic relationships and struggles (not intense or melo-y) that are relatable
-romantic comedy that DOES NOT have an extreme melodramatic dip midway
-quickly(ish) developed cute romance
-an unavoidable occurrence causes conflict
Recommended by OKasiandrama
Pregnancy leading to marriage , mature story without unnecessary cliches.
Recommended by 3ngin33r