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Pleasantly Surprised Episode 20

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Jul 31, 2017

One Stars

The only times Jasper Liu is even remotely funny in this show is when he's trying to be romantic or serious.
Hao Wei is sort of annoying now.
Le Xuan went from a competent chef to a lovesick, pouting, clueless woman. How sad. What a waste of a goddess.
Ah Jie has the nerve to say Kai Qi's "acting really sucks". Really, homeboy?
Chief is the one who sold that scene at the restaurant.
Kai Qi and Ah Jie had water thrown in their faces and deservedly so by chief's matchmaking date. I like to think of that scene as a collective show of disgust by the viewing audience for casting Jasper Liu as a romantic male lead and weakening Puff's character.
I would take screenshots of Jasper Liu's facial expressions when he looks like he's about to take a dump but I don't think my laptop has that much memory.

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