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Pleasantly Surprised Episode 19

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Jul 31, 2017

Poor Ah Jie is all butt hurt and now he's…

Poor Ah Jie is all butt hurt and now he's throwing a tantrum.
You don't need to be friends with him, Kai Qi.
Well, this episode is already circling the bowl and it's not even half way through. Stupid Ah Jie.
Nooooooo! Don't kiss him Kai Qi! I just finished eating!
Okay, I'm starting to lose respect for Du Kai Qi. Why would she want him to pat her on the head? She's not a pet! Nevermind, he didn't even do that right.
Le Xuan, baby, you don't need that punk!
Ah Jie really has a way with women -- the wrong way!
Uh oh! Ah Jie's stupid pervo phobia of the dark is starting to flare up again!
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