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Marriage, Not Dating Episode 9

One night in a faraway place

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  • Aired: August 01, 2014

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Mar 18, 2017


I feel very conflicted, especially with that ending. Jang Mi and Yeo Reum's relationship is so sweet. It also swept me off my own feet when he came to runaway bride her. However, the reality is that Jang Mi and Yeo Reum haven't had enough time to date. They're just starting out. Sadly that means there is room for others to butt in. Which would be Ki Tae and their fake marriage.

Though Ki Tae has had his moments, and we get to see some of his charity work. The hardest part for me to understand is seeing who she's been receiving true affection from. Yeo Reum is the one who's been comforting her and touching. I know to some that doesn't seem like much, but those are all real connections. Though I guess that's how it happens. Looking past the one in front of you that is giving you love, to the next person.

It's understandable. Which is why I'm so conflicted! Darn it! Poor Yeo Ruem could see it building and I think when he looked back as he ran away he knew. Ki Tae was the one too push it and Jang Mi was being "good". I was right their first kiss was nice. (Nothing like Yeo Reum and Jang Mi's kitchen one though! Which is probably another reason I'm so conflicted.)

This was a really fun episode and this looks like the one to settle things. Hyun Hee's plight was so obvious, but I'm still curious how Hoon Dong will eventually handle it. I acutally really felt for Se Ah. She did love Ki Tae and she only wants a child from him because of that. I actually felt for her, even though her plan is a bit crazy.

The beach fun was great! Especially the "Flip her, flip her!" bit. Not to mention Hoon Dong gving Yeo Reum the throat slice, thumbs down, and watching you hand signs! So vicious!

In the end I think what this episode did was show off both Ki Tae and Yeo Reum. From Ki Tae's rational and prepared side. To Yeo Reum's rush actions and unpreparedness. In a lot of ways Jang Mi and Yeo Reum are so alike. Which is probably why they're great together, but would both also be great as couples with Ki Tae and Se Ah. Good setup.

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Oct 15, 2015

This is probably my favorite episode yet!…

This is probably my favorite episode yet! I love how the main cast went to the beach and dropped the drama for a while! I was so fun to just see them act so friendly and have a good time at the beach! Also, what the heck Hoon Dong, who wears sweatshirts when they go swimming? Anyway, I really liked seeing all of the characters interact with each other in such a friendly manner.
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Aug 2, 2014

Time for a little truth.

OMO! This episode was really something !! I definitely did not expect that many huuuuuge and scandalous REVELATIONS !! - and I'm not only talking about discovered secrets here! ohohoho~ XD Besides this episode was super hilarious too! I was constantly lmao. :D I also liked the fact that they tried to make Se Ah more likeable here (at least I thought they were trying to at first), buuut this whole 'present'-thingy is just waaay too creepy. idk. ~ Also suuuper relieved seeing that all relationships were finally making some meaningful progress !! Fightiiing !! \o/
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Aug 2, 2014


yup!! ottoke?!!!! I super loved this ep!! I laughed sooo much because of our sajangnim!!XD you naughty LHD!!! XD our nemo coupe is sailing and I thought Il be happy about it but ootttoke?????????!! our waiter guy han yeo rom!!! :( you know I'm super annoyed to him BIG TIME but after seeing him w/ that kind of expression, being a second lead guy is just to harsh I was like OTTOKE??!!!!! ~omoooo!!! HYR!!! ULJIMA!!!! saranghae!!!~ right now I really want to give him credit and share it on my feeds but I can't because there's seems to be a problem w the feeds. :( so for now I'll just fangirl here...^^

overall this ep is damn hilarious! look forward to:
-beach scene: HOT AND COLD!~ kekeke! you'll know when you get there :D
-truth game!!!

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