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both are hilarious from the get-go, and have great stories while avoiding typical kdrama cliches.
Recommended by moonmystery
Both dramas are laugh out loud in their comedy but still hits the right spot to make your heart ache at times. I love both for being an all-out comedy in the that IT IS a romcom. Characters in both dramas are so real, you get embarrassed on their behalf.
Recommended by jellybine
Same Rom-Com aspect to both of them. The plot is somewhat similar in both of them. They both fake a marriage so the male lead can protect his house which he values a lot. The female leads are loosely similar in the way that they think of marriage the opposite way that the male leads do.
Recommended by Regent
Same lead actor, director, and writer. Both have really similar vibes.
Recommended by Pliuzz
Both are about marriage and pleasant to watch.
In 'Marry him if you dare' exist an love triangle as in drama Marriage not Dating.
Recommended by Hikaru
Both of these dramas are romantic comedies, though I would say Fated To Love You leans more to the drama and Marriage, Not Dating is slightly more comedic. They both feature a lovable cast and fun story.
Recommended by kori
The couple also pretend to be in love and enter into a contract marriage.
Recommended by PKsuperfan
While LWF focus is on the childhood connection and the misunderstanding that tore apart the main leads, MND is more about two people striking a deal (pretending to be together) in order to get people off of their back. Having said that, both shows share some commonalities, such as:
> The plots are light-hearted and not to be taken seriously.
> The characters are eccentric.
> Both show a love triangle involving two guys trying to get one girl.
> Family is an important component of the show.
> The leads don't like each other at first (hate to love trope).
> Leads develop a friendship.
> The FL doesn't care how she comes across.
> The ML suffers from a childhood trauma.
Recommended by 3GGG
While the plots of She Was Pretty and Marriage, Not Dating are totally different, both shows give off a similar vibe. They're both rom-coms where the male lead is adamant about not falling for the female lead but slowly ends up doing so. The female leads in both shows are lower in status (than the male lead), and a little eccentric and over the top at times but, without meaning to, end up capturing the attention of the male leads. The chemistry between all of the characters in both shows is good as well.
Recommended by Katie
Watching Cunning Single Lady,I get the same carefree fun vibe I got from Marriage Not Dating.At first,the two shows differ but they still remain two dramas about two couples that are together for convenience (FL in CSG and ML in MND).Also the ML from both dramas appears cold but is actually kind.
Recommended by Kyuubi
both dramas perspective are towards marriage. even the genres quite different. we can see real chemistry between the leads. great cable dramas that we can't found on major broadcast network.
Recommended by Ann Choo Ha
Both of these dramas have similar main characters, fake relationship and contain funny scenes.
Recommended by Aeris
The main couples in both dramas are pretending to be in a relationship to please their families only to fall for each other in the end.
Recommended by midnightloon
Exchanging partners, friendship and truth games. Who would you end up in the end with ? Whom do they really love ?
Recommended by claudya87
if you like dramas with hi-jinx of bickering leads, both would be a good rom-com to watch
Recommended by couchpotato_md