by Lily Alice, December 25, 2023

12.12: The Day has surpassed 10 million moviegoers in just 33 days since its release. The total number of moviegoers the film has attracted is about 10,065,330 as of December 24. 

12.12: The Day attracted 1 million cinemagoers on the 4th day, 2 million on the 6th day, 3 million on the 10th day, 4 million on the 12th day, 5 million on the 14th day, 6 million on the 18th day, 7 million on the 20th day, 8 million on the 25th day, 9 million on the 27th day, and finally reached 10 million viewers on the 33rd day. 

With this, 12.12: The Day not only became the second K-movie to have garnered 10 million moviegoers — following The Roundup: No Way Out — this year but also became the first non-series film to reach 10 million moviegoers since Parasite (2019).

Meanwhile, Noryang: Deadly Sea exceeded 2 million moviegoers on December 25.

The cast of the historical K-thriller conveyed their gratitude. Director Kim Han Min, along with actors Kim Yoon SeokBaek Yoon ShikJung Jae YoungHeo Joon HoKim Sung GyuLee Kyu Hyung, Lee Moo Saeng, Choi Deok Moon, Park Myung Hoon, Park Hoon, and Gong Myung, celebrated the achievement of K-movie surpassing 2 million moviegoers.

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