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by cityhunter on February 10, 2013
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Flower Boy Next Door
Drama Recap : Episode 5&6

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 http://i1054.photobucket.com/albums/s491/TheScheduler/2-2.png"Don’t beat me Ahjumma!"

Stunned by the accidental kiss, Enrique starts explaining himself, it was just an accident after all, an accident that only happened because he was trying to do the right thing. Dok Mi just lays where they fell with her eyes open-wide. Enrique leans over to check on her and she sits up abruptly, sending Enrique skittering to the corner, expecting an attack. Dok Mi simply goes outside, and when she returns Enrique continues with his explanation. Dok Mi seems oddly unaffected, and she suggests they head back now that Enrique has had plenty of time to sober up. After driving a while Enrique pulls over, saying he's tired. He shows Dok Mi a video of an elephant that, after being separated from its family, began to speak Korean so it could bond with its caretaker. ( yes it's real, go ahead, look it up on YouTube, I'll wait.) Enrique tells her it would be nice if she would learn how to communicate with someone instead of pushing people away.                            
http://i1054.photobucket.com/albums/s491/TheScheduler/3.png"RESPECT!" I can't be the only one who was impressed by his pronunciation.   

Back in Seoul Jin Rak is gearing up for a pity party of hilarious proportions. He is saying that he likes Dok Mi as he likes every other human being, that she's pure and deserving of respect, and he even throws out the word Soul mate. Dong Hoon says he knows Jin Rak must be extremely drunk since he's "breaking out the English". Jin Rak feels he was fated to meet Dok Mi because they bumped into each other the day he moved into the building, and when they return to the apartment building Jin Rak is crouched by the trash muttering to himself and sorting the recyclables like Dok Mi does. Eventually Dong Hoon gets him to come inside. Poor Dong Hoon. The next morning Jin Rak goes out after the milk is delivered to puts his little note on it, but something changes his mind, and he begins to write something else.

Dok Mi and Enrique arrive home around the same time, where Dok Mi thanks Enrique and apologizes. Enrique seems disappointed that she still doesn’t have anything to ask him. He tells her Seo Young was the same way, never asking any questions about him, but always interested in Tae Joon. He feels that to Dok Mi, he might as well be another passenger on the subway, as if they really are strangers. Dok Mi tells him to have a nice time in Korea, and she wants to get inside her apartment. Enrique starts to quote what she had been writing on her phone the night before, what angers Dok Mi (because he read her diary). Enrique asks her if she puts on a fake smile like she wrote in her diary, and tells her "the truth is always better than lying". Dok Mi tells him to forget her and what she wrote and goes inside.
http://i1054.photobucket.com/albums/s491/TheScheduler/6-1.pngSocial Ineptitude is a serious illness, know the signs. Together we can make a difference.

Dok Mi caught Jin Rak in the act of putting a note on her milk. Startled Jin Rak begins to babble, handing the milk to her, sneaking the new note off, and stuffing it in his back pocket. I want to know what it says! My Hangul sucks. City is sad! Jin Rak excuses himself and goes back home, and Dok Mi realizes he had been putting notes on her milk all this time. Over in 401 Jin Rak is freaking out, and Dong Hoon only worsens the situation, when he points out that the sticky note was in fact stuck to Jin Rok's butt.
Across the street Seo Young shows up again. I think they're snaking her wardrobe off the set of the original 90210. She's there to scold Enrique for making Tae Joon worry, because she has it in her head that the only reason Tae Joon is avoiding her is to spare Enrique's feelings. Yea, that must be it, because it totally couldn’t have anything to do with your bad personality and weird clothes. 
http://i1054.photobucket.com/albums/s491/TheScheduler/Untitled-3.pngThis is the scariest thing I've ever seen

In front of the building, Do Hwi and her minions are pouring out of the scariest van I've ever seen, just as Dong Hoon, Wantanabe and Jin Rak pass by. Do Hwi makes a show out of her "carrying too much", and falls down. This time it is Wantanabe who helps her up, so Dong Hoon tells her Jin Rak isn't feeling well. Do Hwi offers to make him some tea, but he blows her off and leaves. A moment later, Dong Hoon reminds him that Do Hwi is Dok Mi's friend, so Jin Rak goes back and welcomes her to the neighborhood. The rest of the day passes by with Jin Rak going out into the hall every so often with the hope of seeing Dok Mi.
http://i1054.photobucket.com/albums/s491/TheScheduler/10.pngI'd totally let him in.

The next morning, Dok Mi is writing about how she feels invisible in the world, but safe and happy in her apartment, when Enrique shows up at her door acting ill because of the trip, and asking if she has any medicine. She ignores him, but the next day he shows up with a hair pin he "found in the car" wondering if it's hers. Enrique knocks and kicks at the door calling out "Ah-ju-ma!", but he is still ignored. For his next attempt, he shows up lamenting the debt they still owe to the people who helped them at the rest stop. Instead of opening the door, Dok Mi sends him a text asking for his bank account number, but when he replies that he doesn’t have one she asks for Tae Joon's. Enrique tells her he wants to get it directly from her and that he'll be back.      

http://i1054.photobucket.com/albums/s491/TheScheduler/11.pngLet's settle this like men; cartoon soccer and star craft! 

 Jin Rak has had enough and goes out to confront Enrique about bothering Dok Mi. Jin Rak makes the mistake of asking if Enrique is in fact Enrique, and when Enrique finds out someone who knows him likes Spanish soccer he drags Jin Rok to the PC Bong, saying he has no friends in Korea. The two stay up all night playing video games.

Dok Mi has realized that she will once again have to go shopping. The boys have decided to race home, but once they get close to the house Jin Rok sees Dok Mi at a nearby food stall and claims his knees are hurting him.  They say their goodbyes, and Jin Rak goes to wait for Dok Mi. Enrique sees her at the food stall too, and goes over. He makes a point of addressing the vendor as Ahjuma several times for Dok Mi's benefit, but she continues to ignore him. 

http://i1054.photobucket.com/albums/s491/TheScheduler/11.pngHas anyone ever told you you're kind of a creeper?

Dok Mi gets away from him, only to be confronted by Jin Rak, who haltingly explains that the notes on the milk were just something he did because he enjoyed it, and he was sorry if he bothered her. This reminds Dok Mi of something she told Enrique about her crush on Tae Joon. Dok Mi tells Jin Rak that she enjoyed the notes, which makes Jin Rak grin like a little boy with a big bowl of ice cream. When they get off the elevator, Do Hwi is standing in front of 401 (is that a cake or sod she's holding?) She's just been told Jin Rak stayed out all night, and judging from the look on her face she thinks he was with Dok Mi!

As episode 6 opens, we return to Tae Joon's apartment, where Tae Joon is questioning Enrique on his whereabouts. Seo Young throws his suitcase at him saying he's being inconsiderate, and needs to move out. Tae Joon just stands there, not objecting, but when Enrique agrees Tae Joon asks if the two are playing a trick on him. He seems upset. Enrique heads out, but stops in front of Dok Mi's building pointing at her window and vowing to drag her out before he heads back to Spain.

http://i1054.photobucket.com/albums/s491/TheScheduler/15.pngWhy can't my neighbors be so cute?

Do Hwi tries to play the friend card, but Dok Mi isn't buying it. Dok Mi says that "get lost" was the last thing that Do Hwi said to her and goes back inside. We finally get to see some parts of what happened between Dok Mi and Do Hwi. Both girls were being picked on, but Do Hwi decided to betray her friend, when she discovered Dok Mi was being tutored privately by the Lit teacher on who Do Hwi had a crush. The rumor seemed to be that something was going on between teacher and student, to what the teacher reacted that he was just trying not to hurt the feelings of the student obsessed with him.

Jin Rak and Dong Hoon invite Do Hwi in for tea, but with the intention that Jin Rak can question her about Dok Mi. He's curious about what happened between them in the past, and wonders if they were actually friends.  Do Hwi shows him pictures of the pair in high school, and Jin Rak wonders if there is anything they can do to help Dok Mi smile again, like she did in the pictures. 
http://i1054.photobucket.com/albums/s491/TheScheduler/19.pngTime out!

Enrique is at a "meeting" in a 4-d theater, when he gets a text from his agent, pushing him to do an autobiography. The agent has even been kind enough to send him a list of editors who have experience in the field, and of course Go Dok Mi's name is on the list.  Enrique seizes the opportunity. Unsuspecting Dok Mi accepts the job, and the many packages that come with it. When Enrique get some of the proofs, he uses it as an excuse to get a meeting with Dok Mi, and weasel his way inside her house instead of spending the night at the sauna. Enrique convinces Dok Mi to let him stay. During his stay, Enrique disrupts Dok Mi's "quite bubble", and the two clash over things like the TV and snacks.
http://i1054.photobucket.com/albums/s491/TheScheduler/20.pngI have NEVER been this stupid over a dude. Is this normal behavior? Am I broken?

On his way back from yet another fight with the webtoon publisher, Jin Rak overhears Enrique in Dok Mi's apartment. He presses a cup against the wall of his apartment to listen in on them. When Dong Hoon gets home, Jin Rak says they must find a way to drag Enrique out of apartment 402. Dong Hoon tells him to give up since they already spent the night together.
Dong Hoon and Wantanabe go to Do Hwi's office to do some modeling. While they are there, Dong Hoon tells Do Hwi that now is her chance with Jin Rak, since Dok Mi has a man living with her. She tricks Dok Mi into opening her door by getting the security Ahjussi to say she's delivering packages.  When Dok Mi opens the door Do Hwi puts on a show of wanting to be friends, saying she's brought clothes from her store for Dok Mi. Enrique comes out into the hallway saying he'll leave so the ladies can talk, but Dok Mi tells him to stay.  Dong Hoon tells Enrique that he and Dok Mi look good together. He explains that  they are working on a project, so they are currently staying together, but aren't together together. Enrique accepts the packages, but Jin Rak tells him he should mind his own business. Enrique replies that Dok Mi can't stay locked away forever and the show ends with Jin Rok telling Enrique that they need to talk.

I know last week folks were saying the recaps were too long to read, so from 7 on I will be doing a much shorter highlight reel kind of thing, which I hope everyone will find more enjoyable!

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