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the fucking shire


the fucking shire

*warning, i do post about my kids and lots of non-drama related stuff and i swear so if you dont want to see that in your feed i am probably not the friend for you :) *

i'm pretty laid back  just    DON'T BE  A DICK 

1. Spoilers are not cool.  not sure if it's a spoiler? if the scene and timing of it could not be reasonably surmised from the synopsis and trailer then it's a spoiler. don't be that person.

2. what you watch and why you watch it does not make you better or worse than anyone else.  if you feel the need to criticize or belittle someone for how they choose to entertain themselves  then you should stop and try to figure out what's missing in your life. whatever it is i promise you , that hole will not be filled by being mean to strangers on the internet.

3. this is a very diverse community.  We have senior citizens, people who teach English and people who have written professionally.  we also have teenagers who are just learning English. Every single post isnt going to be a thought provoking examination of Asian cinema. you dont have to agree with everyone or like everything that's posted. you can even express that opinion. it's possible to do it with out being a dick.

4. if you post screen shots please name the drama/actor. some of us are VERY distracted by shiny things. help a drama addict out. 





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