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the fucking shire


the fucking shire

i am a stay at home mom with a foul mouth, a slight drinking problem and endless funny stories. i fancy myself a writer but  lack the focus to finish anything.  i'm 34 so you can call me Ahjumma and it wont offend me cuz i sew Halloween costumes and bake cookies and shit.  as far as dramas go i am down with pretty much anything that doesn't have too much angst and tragedy. i'm also really into Asian pop but a pretty face isnt enough to i make me listen,  the music has to be good to capture my attention.

*warning, i do post about my kids and lots of non-drama related stuff, so if you dont want to see that in your feed i am probably not the friend for you :) *

forgive the half ass nature of my profile it is a work in progress.

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