by fatima_july, December 18, 2013

Why Do You Love Her ???

For us girls, it’s easy to fall for the male lead or even the second lead most of the time. He only needs either a pretty face or some good acting (if both are found, the easier). But for the female lead it’s a bit harder to like her. There are so many times when I am watching a drama and suddenly think why in the world would anyone like this person? To make matters worse, not only one cute guy but two love her like crazy!!! What is their problem???

Here are some examples to remind you of them :

1. First, of course, it’s Geum Jan Di (Boys Over Flowers), the worst female lead in the history of dramaland. Oh god she’s whiny, she is so annoying, the way she speaks is irritating, her hair is horrid, and her clothes are super ugly every single time!!!! And the real problem is that all the F4 found her to be an amazing person and two of them fell in love with her!!!!!!

Goo Joon Pyo’s Opinion:  She’s so brave, she stands up for herself and her friends and she’s not afraid of the rich F4. Her clumsiness is so cute. And I like her hair!!!

2.  Next we have Pan Da Yang (Panda and Hedgehog). The truth is I really was looking forward to that drama since I liked Yoon Seung Ah in Playful Kiss. But here she was such a pain, always nagging and complaining, she did some very weird things, and she thought she was some kind of magical princess! I was like “choose one already you crazy girl!" Oh! And the butterfly song was awful.

Go Seung Ji’s opinion:  She is a very kind-hearted girl with a hard life. She is a good listener, cheers me on when I’m feeling down and supports my work, and she only nags a little !!!

3.  If you have seen King of Baking, you would know that there wasn't just one female lead, there were many characters, but Shin Yu Kyung played by Eugene was the main girl both leads loved. I just couldn't understand why Tak Goo loved her so much. Okay, the childhood memories and all, but now she is different. She is depressed all the time; she never smiles (like ever). I understand why Ma Jun liked her since they are both evil but not Tak Goo. I’m sorry, but let me just say this: her forehead is gigantic. Why doesn't she cover it with bangs???!!

Tag Ku’s opinion: We were childhood friends. We grew up in the same place and we both had a difficult life. Now she reminds me of home and my mother. Now she is beautiful - even her forehead!!!

4. Now for another epic mess aka Mok Dan from Bridal Mask and let me just say the actress is partly to blame for this horrible character. Her angry face,  surprised face, and her sad face were all the same. She kept getting in trouble and jumping around making all kinds of trouble. Why don’t you just sit at home and be quiet Mok Dan?? And I don’t understand how can they instantly change their feeling of hate to deep love ??? And she insisted on spitting on every character in the show.

Kangto’s Opinion: She is a strong young woman with so much love for her country and people. She has strong opinions and courageously defends them - it’s not her fault she gets in bad situations every day. 

5. Finally, we have Park Shin Hye as Dok Mi (Flower Boy Next Door). She was the most boring character I have ever seen, nothing fun about her at all. She sits there in her room forever, her sad face sucks the soul out of me.  I just want to tell her when a very cute guy tries to cheer you up, cheer up already!

Enrique’s opinion:  she is a lonely girl that is afraid of the world but she has so much to give and she is very talented, she has many wounds that I want to heal, she reminds me of my younger self only a bit gloomier ><

So what’s your opinion do you agree with me or do you agree with the boys ?????!!!!!!!^^