by fatima_july, June 22, 2017

There are sooo many actors in Dramaland, and of course, not all of them can make it big (like Song Joong Ki). However, there are some who really need to catch a break and become hits soon!!! These actors aren’t appreciated enough in my opinion and need us all to pray for them to get lucky in the near future.

6. Jun Tae Soosungkyunkwan-7.jpg

Well, I suppose you haven’t heard of this actor or maybe like me you only watched him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He is the younger brother of Ha Ji Won and looks like her. I remember liking him a lot in the drama as the evil villain. His acting was very good. Unfortunately, I never saw him again. I think he played a few supporting roles but then disappeared off the face of the earth. He is good looking and charismatic. I really wish to see him in a new role.

5. Lee Wan


I have only seen him in Tree of Heaven but he managed to leave a good impression, he was great in it. I fell in love with his character. I waited for him to star in a new drama, but there was none. He had a supporting role in Our Gap Soon which is way too long so I didn’t watch it. He deserves a lead role real quickly. Oh, and he is the little brother of  Kim Tae Hee^^ 

4. Oh Min Suk


You probably have seen him around, he plays a lot of supporting roles here and there. I liked his role in All About My Mom, he did a great job there, and I enjoyed his scenes with his partner the most. Also, I watched him in We Got Married, he was funny and cool. He doesn’t get enough recognition. Better luck in the future!

3. Kim Ji Han


Now known as Kim Ji Han, he changed his name recently (which is just so weird) I watched him in My Secret Hotel, his voice is so beautiful and he is really handsome. I loved his acting so I searched for his dramas. I ended up watching a daily drama called A Good Day for the Wind to Blow

I waited for his next project The Family Is Coming, which was awful so I dropped it. Many loved his role as Tal Tal in Empress Ki. He has starred in many supporting roles, I hope he gets a lead role in a miniseries (not daily dramas which I find really boring).

2. Jang Geun Suk


He is my first Korean crush. I loved him so so much in You're Beautiful. I began watching everything he was in, then he started to have the worst luck ever, everything he starred in had bad ratings (even IU couldn’t save him from his curse). Sadly he didn’t make it back to his previous glory days. 

Also, the tax scandal happened and more bad luck, he was edited out of the variety show he just started. I believe he is a good actor who really deserves a better chance with a drama that can become a hit. (I preferred him with Park Shin Hye over Lee Min Ho, just sayin')

1. Yoon Shi Yoon


Yoon Si Yoon is my favourite Korean actor. I loved him in King of Baking as Tak Gu, and adored him in High Kick Through the Roof! He really knows how to act, plus he is handsome with a touch of cuteness and has a very nice deep voice. He had a great beginning of a career but then things didn’t go his way. His dramas didn’t become as popular and had bad ratings. He did a couple of movies that didn’t do great either. Even the variety show Barefoot Friends that he joined flopped. 

He is now playing the lead role in the new drama The Best Hit, I really wish this one becomes “the best hit” so that he regains his popularity, and hopefully wins an award, maybe even get a chance to do a nice movie. (Dong gu, fighting^^)

Thanks for reading!