by fatima_july, March 15, 2014

Favorite “Not-so-Lead” Characters 
Today I will be listing my favorite characters in Korean dramas that are not the main leads nor the second leads, but just characters in the story that are so funny and loveable you look forward to their scenes. I cannot imagine the drama without them. So let’s start the countdown of the best scene-stealers:

  • At number 7 we have Kang Ja (Jung Soo Young) from Fantasy Couple. She is also known as the crazy girl in the neighborhood that becomes friends with the new crazy girl. She is super funny, especially when she is with Anna.  I laugh even if they just mention her name. dramas/k-dramas/fantasy couple-capture-anna et kang ja.jpg

  • At number 6 we have deputy manager (Kim Seul Gi) in Flower Boy Next Door. She is the girl with the severe dark circles. She is funny when she is angry, when she is in love, when she happy.  She adds so much to the comedy of the show and I waited for her in every episode.

  • At number 5 we have Jin Pal Rang (Chun Bo Geun) and Jin Nam Bit from Stars Falling From the Sky. They are the youngest brothers of Jin Pal Kang. Though all the little children were so great these two are my favorite; the baby is just the cutest thing and Pal Rang is so energetic and clumsy. I really loved his song about the panties.

  • For number 4 we have the fake parents in Myung Wol the Spy. I know that drama was weird, but this couple was just the funniest thing in that drama. I loved the “love-hate” relationship they had. The things they teach her for seducing Kang Woo are so funny and entertaining; they were very good scene-stealers.

  • Now for number 3 we have Kim Dong Ah (Lim Ju Eun) from Wild Romance. You may know her as the creepy weird best friend of Yoo Eun Jae. She is the weirdest character I have ever seen. She’s so funny, cute and bizarre. She speaks so frankly about everything and she is not embarrassed to be herself, that’s her charm. And I loved the robot couple so much.

  • And for number 2 we have Manager Ma (Kim In Kwon) from You’re Beautiful. He really is so essential to the story. He is even the cause of the switch. I love the scenes when he imagines things and I love the pig nose thing. The nice thing about him is that even though he is very selfish he does care for Go Mi Nam a lot.

  • And finally, for the best scene-stealer ever we have Kim Tan’s mother (Kim Sung Ryung) in Heirs. She really was so refreshing in the middle of that drama. I really didn’t like the main couple or the story, but I missed her after the drama ended. When I first started the drama I thought she was going to be another evil rich mom, but I was so surprised by her uniqueness. I loved her so much.

Do you like these characters too?? Who are some of your favorite not-so-lead character??