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by HeidiLyon on February 12, 2014
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Coming Soon to Kdramaland!

For the next few weeks we'll be getting our newest load of Kdramas.  Along with last month's "Coming Soon" post, here is a preview of more of what is coming.  I've also included a special feature with mini-dramas!  Even though they have only 4-10 episodes, some are highly anticipated and I couldn't help but post about them... especially What Kind of Goodbye with Seo In Guk (fangirl moment, please forgive me!).

God's Gift - 14 days
God's Gift - 14 days is a new Sci-Fi melodrama coming to SBS in February, 2014 (no date yet because of Olympics delay).  This will be replacing Word From a Warm Heart on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:00pm and is directed by Lee Dong Hoon.

Soo Hyun (Lee Bo Young) travels back in time to bring back her dead child.

Lee Bo Young as Kim Soo Hyun
Cho Seung Woo as Ki Dong Chan
Kim Tae Woo as Han Ji Hoon
Kim Yoo Bin as Han Saet Byeol
Jung Gyu Woon as Hyun Woo Jin
Baro as Ki Young Gyu
Han Sun Hwa as Jenny
Kang Shin Il as Pres. Kim Nam Joon
Joo Jin Mo as Minister of Justice Lee Meyong Han

No Preview Available Yet

Cunning Single Lady
Cunning Single Lady is the next 16 episode rom-com offering of MBC set to start airing on February 26, 2014 on Wednesday and Thursdays at 10pm.  This will replace Miss Korea and is directed by Ko Dong Sun (Pasta/Me Too, Flower).

Ae-Ra is focused on her appearance as she believes it will lead her to a better life. She then meets Jung-Woo who studied engineering. They eventually get married, but they also get divorced. After their divorce, Ae-Ra goes through difficult times. Unlike Ae-Ra though, Jung-Woo becomes a successful IT developer and very wealthy. Now, Ae-Ra tries to seduce Jung-Woo to marry her again.

Joo Sang Wook
Lee Min Jung
Kim Gyu Ri
Seo Kang Joon
L (Kim Myung Soo)
Hwang Bo Ra

No Preview Available Yet

Three Days
This month SBS brings us the next great 16 episode action/thriller, Three Days.  It will begin airing March 5th, 2014 on Wednesday and Thursday at 10pm replacing My Love From Another Star (yes, you can cry about this). Written by Kim Eun Hee (Ghost/Sign) and directed by Sin Kyeong Soo (Tree With Deep Roots).  With these actors, director and writer, big things are expected!

The South Korean President travels to a villa to enjoy his vacation. After gunshots are fired, he disappears. His bodyguard Han Tae-Kyung attempts to find the President in just three days.  (This is very much like the US show 24 in action and filming).

Micky Yoochun
Son Heyon Joo
Park Ha Seon
So Yi Hyeon
Yoon Je Moon
Jang Hyeon Seong
Kwon Min
Choi Won Yeong


Bride of the Century
This 20 episode rom drama, with a bit of fantasy, is the next offering of CSTV set to air February 22nd, 2014 at 8pm on Saturdays & Sundays.  Written by Baek Young Sook and directed by Yun Sang Ho (Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil), we are in for quite a different fairy tale with Bride of the Century.

The Taeyang Corporation is the largest conglomerate in South Korea. The family that runs Taeyang has been under a curse for 100 years. The curse began when the first bride of the family’s first son died. Under this situation, a love like fairy tale occurs while conspiracies run rampant.

Lee Hong Ki
Yang Jin Sung
Lee Hee Won
Kim Seo Ra
Choi Il Hwa
Shin Eun Jung
Im Byung Ki
Kim Ah Joong


Gap Dong
Gap Dong (I can't wait for my Sang Hyun!) will be replacing I Need Romance 3 on TvN in March, 2014.  This 16 episode mystery/thriller will air on Mondays & Tuesdays at 9:40pm as is directed by Jo Soo Won (I Hear Your Voice/Cheongdamdong Alice).

20 years ago Moo-Yeom’s father was a suspect in the "Gap Dong” serial murder case. Because of the detectives’ oppressive investigation, Moo-Yeom’s father killed himself. 

Now, Moo-Yeom is a detective and works to capture the killer Gap Dong. The statue of limitations has expired for the serial murder case and Moo-Yeom resigns to the belief that Gap Dong is dead. New clues though for Gap Dong appears in front of Moo-Yeom and he sets out to catch him once and for all.

Yoon Sang Hyun
Kim Min Jung
Sung Dong Il
Lee Joon
Kim Ji Won
Jung In Gi
Kang Nam Kil
Jang Hee Soo
Jang Gwang

No Preview Available Yet

Secret Love Affair
Yay for the next noona romance!  Secret Love Affair will begin airing in March, 2014 on JTBC Mondays & Tuesdays at 10pm replacing Can We Love.  It's expected to be 16 (possibly 20) episodes and is written by Jung Sung Joo, directed by An Pan Seok, both of A Wife's Credentials.  They just started filming Feb 5th, so I'm really anticipating this one!

The story of a secret romance between Oh Hye-Won, a woman in her 40's, and Lee Sun-Jae, a man in his 20's.  Oh Hye-Won works as the director of planning for the Seohan Arts Foundation. She is elegant and excels at dealing with other people. Oh Hye-Won becomes involved in a love affair with Lee Sun-Jae. He is genius like pianist in his 20's.

Kim Hee Ae
Yoo Ah In
Park Hyuk Kwon
Shim Hye Jin
Kim Hye Eun
Kim Chang Wan
Shin Ji Ho

No Preview Available Yet

Special Report for Mini Dramas

Her Lovely Heels
Her Lovely Heels, an original comic by Park Yoon Young (also screenwriter), will be a 10 episode mini-drama airing on SBS Plus starting February 24th, 2014.  

Ji Hoo holds painful memories from her first love.  She now has a secret crush on co-worker Tae Soo.  Tae Soo does not believe in love, but by some twist of fate, Tae Soo becomes interested in Ji Hoo.

Han Seung Yeon
Hong Jong Hyun


What Kind of Goodbye
And THIS is one I'm waiting for!  Oh In Guk, how I've missed you since Master's Sun... even if What Kind of Goodbye is a 5 episode romance, I'm going to be watching.  DRAMAcube will begin online airing this drama February 17th, 2014 on Mondays at 11:00am.  Written by Choi Eun Ah and directed by Won Tae Yun

The story of a man and woman who meet at the last moment of their lives and spend one day together.  It seems to be very Mr & Mrs Smith like, but we shall see.  In Guk holding a gun... yeah, hotness overload.

Seo In Guk
Wang Ji Won
Choi Dae Hoon
Oh Cho Hee
Lee Yong Nyeo


Yay!  Another sci-fi romance, they can keep them coming.  Mnet brings us Mimi airing beginning February 21st, 2014 on Fridays at 11pm.  We only get 4 episodes to enjoy this new mini-drama, but we get to enjoy Changmin for a bit.

The affectionate love story of a man and a woman’s exchanged fate beyond space and time.  Min Woo is a 28 years old webcomic writer. One day, he finds a memo on his desk calendar. With the memo, he begins to write a new webcomic “December 8”. The comic turns into an instant hit. As the webcomic becomes even more popular, He feels pressure from work and begins to suffer from severe headaches because of the pressure. he then decides to seek out his first love from high school.

Shim Chang Min
Moon Ga Young
Shin Hyun Bin
Jung Ji Soon
Yoon Da Kyung


Next months are some really good ones as well and I can't wait till I can post with full info on those gems just waiting to be anticipated.  Have a good drama watching month!