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Dahlonega, GA


Dahlonega, GA


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Hi, my name is Heidi and I'm a Dramaholic.  I live in the US (seriously in a little mountain town for SouthPark fans), worked in the IT industry for 20 years and now own a dog grooming/daycare shop.  Lived in Tampa, FL for 40 years, moved to Dahlonega, GA for family and a slower pace of life.  

I watched my first Kdrama probably 7 years ago, enjoyed it but the bug didn't bite me then.  I've watched a few over the past few years, but not alot.  Maybe it wasn't a great drama, I'll have to go rewatch it to be sure, but a few months ago I got sucked in.  Between my total disgust with American TV cancelling shows (as early as episode 4) and my love of a good story, I watched Full House in March of 2013.  I thank Hulu for putting Kdramas in their lineup!  Since then, I've almost watched Asian dramas/movies exclusively.  I now volunteer on Viki doing segmenting, subtitling, channel management, and training of new volunteers.

Presently I've watched about 150 dramas, 60 movies, and have about 40 more dramas on my radar.  I have fallen in total love with Lee Min Ho, Mike He, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Seung Gi, Bi Rain, George Hu, Chris Wu, So Ji Sub, Park Si Hoo, and a few others.  I've learned to appreciate the art in cinematography in TV productions (unlike the US), and have a whole new outlook on holding hands :P  Finding this site, as well as Hallyuback on YouTube was such a relief to me... and my family, who think I've gone bat sh*t crazy.  I'm not alone.

Started learning Korean a few months ago and have even started lessons to learn to read/write Hangul.  Getting there!  At least I can watch the Raw videos without subtitles and understand it :)

사랑을 민 호 씨

My first and greatest Fangirl crush, Lee Min Ho, dressed for his role in Faith.

Some of my other stalking... er, fangirl subjects :P  



And the girls... though the stalking is different for obvious reasons LOL


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