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by Regine on March 8, 2014
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How to take your interest (obsession) for Asian dramas even further? Want to start a totally new level in your dear hobby? Take the anime and game cosplayers as an example and dress yourself in drama looks! You can even persuade your friends to do this with you – it’s always funnier with some great company (just remember to reserve your favorite characters first). When after a while you get the first comment saying “Oh! You look like (insert a drama character’s name here)!” you know that you have succeeded to create a drama look that is worth sharing with others. Here, I will show you some of my secret tips to get started with drama cosplay! (All tried out and proved to work, of course.)

The Lampshade Look
 http://i1068.photobucket.com/albums/u459/Fidelioa2291/MDL Article Pics/Do-it-yourself1_zps41c13b9d.jpg

Want to look like one of the Sungkyunkwan scholars? Trust me, it’s easy to make your own lampshade hat. You only need a little table lamp (if your head is a bigger size, don’t be afraid to go for a floor lamp), some elbow grease (to break down the lamb into pieces) and your mother’s fake pearls. The picture above will guide you how to tie them together. Do not forget to tie your hair in a topknot before trying your new, cool, everyday and everyplace hat on. If you happen to lack in the length of your hair, there’s no other way than wearing a wig – trust me, you won’t regret it – the bun is an eye-catcher, certainly!

Felt like that was too difficult to make? No worries! We have also the ladies’ version of the popular lampshade hat! This is much easier to make: you just need a lampshade (surprise!) and some superglue. Gather your hair (or a wig) to one side of your head and use the glue to stick the lampshade to its place. This way:
http://i1068.photobucket.com/albums/u459/Fidelioa2291/MDL Article Pics/Do-it-yourself2_zps39d6f23d.jpg
(Notice the nice floral decoration on this lampshade!)

The "Poor Girl Rich Guy” Look
http://i1068.photobucket.com/albums/u459/Fidelioa2291/MDL Article Pics/Do-it-yourself3_zps701ffaef.jpg

For this look you need a rich boyfriend. The best places to look for a rich guy are private high schools, inside fancy cars (with their own drivers of course) or if they are little older, the head chairs of the well-known business offices. You can identify the rich boyfriend candidate by his ill manners, arrogant attitude and good-looking sidekicks. Alternatively, you would like to find a girl who doesn’t manage so well economically. They usually have at least two or even three jobs at the same time. Try coffees, stores or laundries. If you don’t succeed, here’s a secret hint: order food to be delivered to you. They usually work as pages. It would be even better if you went to open the door right after your shower with not-too-much clothing on – I’ll guarantee, that will certainly catch their attention. Be careful though, as these girls usually possess martial arts skills.

The “Fresh from the Shower” Look

 http://i1068.photobucket.com/albums/u459/Fidelioa2291/MDL Article Pics/Do-it-yourself4_zps190e9e09.jpg

Go to take a shower. Remember, it is important NOT to lock the door. Wait for some else to enter the bathroom. (This can take some time but be patient. If you don't feel like turning into raisin, do an extra loud fake slip. That will usually catch the other person’s attention!) Let the shock take care of the rest.

The Gender Bender Look

 http://i1068.photobucket.com/albums/u459/Fidelioa2291/MDL Article Pics/Do-it-yourself5_zps66706dd2.jpg

Love gender-bender dramas? For this look, you need to dress yourself up like the opposite sex. It doesn’t matter if you don’t really look like the opposite gender (actually, that’s the key point of this look). Still, ask everyone else not to notice it and pretend that you have a very low voice, a square jaw, flat chest and other masculine features (in case you are a girl dressing as a guy).

The Weirdo Look

 http://i1068.photobucket.com/albums/u459/Fidelioa2291/MDL Article Pics/Do-it-yourself6_zps63b4759b.jpg
Personal Taste

Really, the picture says it all.

The Makeover Look

http://i1068.photobucket.com/albums/u459/Fidelioa2291/MDL Article Pics/Do-it-yourself7_zps46bd76be.jpg 

For this drama look, follow the four steps:
  1. Dress in your original look.
  2. Try to change your look yourself (fail).
  3. Ask for help (success). 
  4. Let time take care of the final makeover. Results: see the difference yourself.

The “Change Haircut in the Middle of Drama” Look

You’re Beautiful

Take a radical, unique (weird) haircut. Remember not to give any explanations for your changed look. Don’t answer the questions that you might (will) get from your co-workers, student comrades, friends or family (etc... etc...) Warning! This drama look may be a permanent look of yours for a while. (As it was for our Lee Hong Ki, that… that… hairstyle! Sniff…)

The “You Won’t Recognize Me” Look


This look is for those busy drama fans who don’t have time (or money) to try other drama looks that I have already suggested. It’s easy to do and also incredibly fast. You only need a tube scarf (preferably black) and nothing else.

Here we go:
Grab the tube scarf and cover half of your face with it. Done! No one will recognize you. I’ll guarantee that.

The “Evil Mom” Look

Boys Before Flowers

Don’t be disappointed - for this look you don’t necessarily need to be a middle-aged mom. You just need an enormous amount of makeup, and what’s most important, a look to your face like you had just smelled a 1000-year old cheese with extra fragrances from your flat mates used socks. Actually, this is the secret to how the actresses in these roles play it off so well. 

The Wrong Era Look

 http://i1068.photobucket.com/albums/u459/Fidelioa2291/MDL Article Pics/Do-it-yourself11_zps4b8cb4fd.jpg

Ever wanted to turn heads? If the answer is YES! Then this look is clearly for you. Buy yourself a historical costume (the more realistic the better), accessorize it with a sword and some fake blood (ketchup is fine) and get going. Yes, to the streets! See how you catch attention, but remember to stay cool: if someone tries to stop you, grab a police shield and run for it! If someone takes you down to interrogation and asks you if you are filming some new, hot saguek drama, reply with a (O_o) face and tell them no, you have actually just time leaped a bit. Warning! This look can result to some extreme consequences. I recommended taking the above instructions with caution.

The Fan-Service Look


This look is only for the adventurous ones. You will need a nice body (gym is a must) and a situation where you would “accidentally” reveal the results of your hard work. Take Lee Min Ho from The Heirs as an example: who would think that there’s anything suspicious going on if you just needed to take off your wetsuit, right? Just remember that there has to be someone actually watching you – beaches, like in the example above, are great places to get some well-deserved attention. 

The Cutie Look


Bored? Don’t be! There are plenty of things to do in those miserable situations when you don’t feel like watching drama. Dress yourself in a panda costume, shake your butt to the neighbor, and I guarantee you’ll not be bored anymore. At least after you will have someone knocking on the door…

The Alien Face Look

The Heirs

Color your face green (you can find many options for this one: green based makeup primers, food dyes and face paints all work fine). The sicker the result looks the better. Raise your hand next to your face so that the color difference will become extra clear. For this one, you can use “I’m talking on a phone” as an excuse.

(This is your new writer on MDL, Regine! ^^ I hope that you enjoyed my first article. I know that the title is a little bit misleading: it should be either “Do-it-yourself K-drama looks” or “Do-it-yourself Lee Min Ho looks”, hehe.)

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