by Regine, March 24, 2018

Asian dramas certainly have their own stereotypical characters. Instead of trying to deeply analyze them in this article, I have created a quiz for all of us drama fans to find out who each of us really represents in Dramaworld! I hope that it will be fun. In the comment section, we can discuss the most stereotypical characters in Asian dramas and even come up with more. Feel free to tell us your results! :)

Which Stereotypical Drama Character Are You? - Quiz

Dream High 2

Answer the questions and find out! I suggest writing down the answers. When you have answered all questions, please find out the corresponding letter for every answer. Try not to peek! The letter you got the most will tell you your results.

1. How would you act towards your crush?

  1. I would chase after the love of my life, even if it made me go insane.
  2. I’m confident that I will win the heart of my love. Who wouldn’t love me, anyway?
  3. I would totally show them in any way possible that I like them, and even fight for their attention if needed!
  4. I don’t have any crushes, but if they do… I’m sure to eliminate them.
  5. I wouldn’t do much about it, there are far more important things to consider right now.
  6. I would take care of the one that I care about even if they didn’t know about my true feelings.
  7. What crush? What does that mean?  ...Wh- why is my heart beating so fast??
  8. I’ll be honest about my feelings and respect them.
  9. I would use my superpowers to save them.
  10. I don’t have time for crushes.
  11. No one will ever find out about my true feelings. They are my own and just my own...
  12. I would protect them in a way that they will never find out.

2. How do you spend your evenings?

  1. Watching over someone.
  2. Dedicating my time to something useful. I have to be ready to face the hardships.
  3. Doing something that I love. 
  4. Wishing upon a star.
  5. In therapy – I need help for my anger and frustration!
  6. Being desperate over someone.
  7. Helping out someone.
  8. Driving around in my sports car.
  9. Planning for my next move.
  10. Sleeping away the strains of the night.
  11. Relaxing when there’s finally no need to hide something about myself.
  12. In my own thoughts…

3. How do you act towards someone who is impolite or disrespectful to you?

  1. Worry if it was something I said or did. Apologize.
  2. Don’t want to start a fight – I would win anyway.
  3. Give them a lesson about life.
  4. Ignore them.
  5. Yell at them.
  6. I don’t care… unless they are disrespectful to someone who I deeply care for.
  7. Laugh at their faces. I’m the king of impoliteness!
  8. Order them to be eliminated.
  9. I might teach them a lesson… later at night.  
  10. They don’t even have to be disrespectful towards me if it is someone I hate: l will make sure that they feel it!
  11. Start a fight.
  12. Tell them how I feel. No one is going to be disrespectful towards me or the people I care about.

4. Do you depend on others?

  1. No, it’s the opposite, there’s someone who depends greatly on me!
  2. No. I’m very independent. I’m not dependent on others and I don’t want anyone to be dependent on me.
  3. No way.
  4. I might depend more on others if I weren’t so different from the rest.
  5. I trust my friends but sometimes I try too hard to count only on myself.
  6. I may be a bit too obsessive over some specific people.
  7. Yes, too much, I guess. I’m a bit clueless at times.
  8. No… I want to handle my problems alone, in privacy.
  9. Sometimes people say that I’m too family-centered… 
  10. Only if they are useful to me.
  11. People depend more on me when they need help than the other way round.
  12. I’m rather independent but there’s someone I just can’t let go.

5. What is your life goal?

  1. To be there for someone who needs me.
  2. I don’t know really. To be happy, I guess. But at the moment it seems so hard…
  3. To have a life I have always wanted. I will do anything that I can for it and won’t give up easily.
  4. I have a well-thought plan that I have put my soul and mind into.
  5. To win the heart of my love over someone else.
  6. To have a satisfactory life and live it surrounded by the people that I love. To put it simply: to be happy.
  7. It’s a secret.
  8. To find my place in the world.
  9. My mission is all that I have.
  10. To keep my status but at the same time, I feel like there’s something missing in my life.
  11. To provide someone special to me a life that I wanted to have. 
  12. To win their heart. Whatever it takes!

6. What is your role in life?

  1. I might not be the hero in the spotlight but without me, there’s no tomorrow.
  2. To be the bad guy but also someone who hides something valuable inside of them.  
  3. Simply put: I’m the bully.
  4. To step aside and step forward when I feel like, without making a fuss about it. I’m usually counted upon, even admired, even though I wouldn’t want that.
  5. To be the one who shares happiness and/or gives support to others, and who also feels a lot – although I might hide it under my positive, kind appearance.
  6. Life needs both sides of the cookie: and, I might say, I’m on the dark side of it.
  7. To have control and domination. Someone has to take the leash.
  8. To fight for my feelings, even if I have long lost the game.
  9. The outsider.
  10. I deeply care about others but my sincerity, overwhelming kindness and naivety sometimes lead to troubles that I shouldn’t have to bear. I still have an unsurprising effect on people around me. I’m usually the one who has to be saved.
  11. To fight to be able to be myself and for the mistreated people that I care about. I’m determined and brave, and I’ll save myself and others when needed.
  12. To play the part of the hero, sometimes at least.

7. What is the stereotype of your appearance?

  1. Good-looking and dashing. Following the latest fashion trends.
  2. Quiet, mysterious and dark appearance. My face reveals nothing.
  3. I wear a mask to hide my soul.
  4. Not as dashing as some other people but I have a sturdy and determined character.
  5. Strong features and elegant appearance.
  6. I look completely normal – at least most of the time.
  7. Kind, someone who looks easy to approach.
  8. Sweet and innocent. Lovely, big eyes.   
  9. Obsessive eyes, determined appearance.         
  10. Evil grin, eyes, and laugh. Everything is EVIL.       
  11. Beautiful, outwardly confident, a bit scary.                                                   
  12. Strong yet friendly and kind appearance. Firm eyes and upright posture.

8. What is your positive trait?

  1. Intelligence.        
  2. Loyalty.
  3. Courage of the heart.                  
  4. Knowing my rights and not allowing anyone to take them away from me.
  5. Determination.                             
  6. Pride in who I am.
  7. Knowing what I want and the confidence to go for it.    
  8. Kindness.          
  9. Skillfulness.
  10. Thinking before I act.
  11. Some of the following: happiness, being able to cheer up other people, unselfishness and/or protective nature.
  12. Uniqueness.

9. What do you consider to be your negative trait?

  1. Not considering my own needs.
  2. Too independent.
  3. Dominance.
  4. Don’t understand when to stop.
  5. Not considering the feelings of others.
  6. Arrogance.
  7. Lack of empathy.
  8. Not telling how I feel.
  9. Pushing too hard sometimes without asking for help even when you always help others.
  10. The traits that I value in myself doesn’t necessarily fit with society and thus cause me troubles.
  11. Reserve.
  12. Naivety.

10. I want to…

  1. Be accepted.
  2. Have more adventures!
  3. Achieve my goal!
  4. Make everyone feel good and happy!
  5. Relax in my own world.
  6. Be myself.
  7. Not be pushed aside!
  8. Make them realize my feelings!
  9. Be alone with my thoughts. But at the same, wanting someone to share them with.
  10. Be listened to!
  11. Make someone special to me happy!
  12. Protect the ones that I love.

11. Sometimes I…

  1. Cry when I think that no one can see me.
  2. Wish I was like everyone else.
  3. Doubt myself.
  4. Feel like giving up and crying out everything I have held up inside.
  5. Get caught up in despair.
  6. Feel like I didn’t completely understand something, whether it was someone's actions or something they said.
  7. Wish there was someone for me.
  8. Lose my courage for a moment but that’s okay. I’m a human too.
  9. Show kindness when it is least expected from me.
  10. Doubt my worth and lose hope.
  11. Get confused by the actions of people that I trust.
  12. Worry too much about others’ safety rather than my own.

12. Oftentimes...

  1. I conceal my true self from others.
  2. I fight for what is right.
  3. I am in my dream world.
  4. I am too outspoken so that I can appear even rude when I don’t really mean it.
  5. I concentrate on my goal and not on the people involved in my life.
  6. I can’t sleep at night.
  7. I do not think about giving up!
  8. I feel lonely.
  9. I keep my promises.
  10. I know what I want and let everyone know it as well.
  11. I say mean things out of jealousy.
  12. I make people around me feel good.

13. If I was a color, I would be:

  1. Dark blue.
  2. Black.
  3. Yellow.
  4. Light blue or green.
  5. Dark red.
  6. Blue.
  7. Brown, gray or rainbow.
  8. White.
  9. Red or purple.
  10. Pink or rose.
  11. Orange.
  12. Violet.

Now, pick the right letters according to your answers per questions:

1: 1-H, 2-C, 3-K, 4-G, 5-J, 6-E, 7-B, 8-A, 9-I, 10-F, 11-D, 12-L

2: 1-G, 2-A, 3-E, 4-B, 5-K, 6-H, 7-J, 8-C, 9-F, 10-L, 11-I, 12-D

3: 1-B, 2-I, 3-E, 4-D, 5-G, 6-J, 7-C, 8-F, 9-L, 10-K, 11-H, 12-A

4: 1-J, 2-L, 3-C, 4-I, 5-A, 6-H, 7-B, 8-D, 9-G, 10-F, 11-E, 12-K

5: 1-J, 2-B, 3-A, 4-F, 5-K, 6-E, 7-D, 8-I, 9-L, 10-C, 11-G, 12-H

6: 1-J, 2-C, 3-K, 4-D, 5-E, 6-F, 7-G, 8-H, 9-I, 10-B, 11-A, 12-L

7: 1-C, 2-D, 3-L, 4-J, 5-G, 6-I, 7-E, 8-B, 9-H, 10-F, 11-K, 12-A

8: 1-F, 2-J, 3-A, 4-G, 5-H, 6-C, 7-K, 8-B, 9-L, 10-D, 11-E, 12-I

9: 1-J, 2-L, 3-G, 4-H, 5-K, 6-C, 7-F, 8-E, 9-A, 10-I, 11-D, 12-B

10: 1-I, 2-L, 3-F, 4-B, 5-C, 6-A, 7-K, 8-H, 9-D, 10-G, 11-J, 12-E

11: 1-C, 2-I, 3-F, 4-E, 5-H, 6-B, 7-L, 8-A, 9-D, 10-K, 11-G, 12-J

12: 1-D, 2-A, 3-B, 4-C, 5-F, 6-L, 7-H, 8-I, 9-J, 10-G, 11-K, 12-E

13: 1-L, 2-F, 3-E, 4-H, 5-J, 6-D, 7-I, 8-A, 9-K, 10-B, 11-G, 12-C

Count which letters you got the most. If you got a tie, do the test again and change some of your answers. If that doesn’t do the trick, please choose the month you were born in and look at the corresponding letter. Otherwise, go straight for the results.

  • January – A
  • February – B
  • March – C
  • April – D
  • May – E
  • June – F
  • July – G
  • August – H
  • September – I
  • October – J
  • November – K
  • December – L

The Results

Mostly A’s:  The Strong Female Lead

Kim Sun Ah in My Lovely Sam Soon, Park Min Young in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Sawajiri Erika in 1 Litre of Tears, Inoue Mao in Hana Yori Dango, Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince, Lee Young Ae in Jewel in The Palace.

Congratulations! You are the strong female lead of Dramaworld! Remember that this doesn’t necessarily mean that you possess martial art skills or can beat enemies – it’s all about your inner strength. You can make your own decisions and you have a bright, intelligent mind. You don’t give up easily and you fight for what is right. You value authenticity and no matter what others say, you will always be yourself.

Mostly B’s: The Innocent Cinderella

Toda Erika in Liar Game, Zhao Zanilia in Boss & Me, Manaying Sushar in Kiss Me, Ariel Lin in It Started With a Kiss, Park Shin Hye in You’re Beautiful.

You are the famous Cinderella character of romantic dramas! You gather sympathy with your cute and clueless behavior, waiting for Prince Charming to come and rescue you for your happily-ever-after! Usually insecure and a bit of a push-over, you are innocent and kind with a heart of gold. Even though you may stir some irritation with your helpless behavior, it is important to note that the kindness of your heart is something to be proud of. So don’t give up on hope and live life for the moment with your enviable childlike curiosity. Your endings are always happy endings!

Mostly C’s: The Arrogant Rich Guy

Park Hyung Shik in High Society, Lee Min Ho in The Heirs and in Boys over Flowers, So Ji Sub in The Master’s Sun, Hyun Bin in Secret Garden.

The owner of the biggest, richest companies and the luxurious sports cars and private jets – you are the popular and arrogant rich guy of Dramaworld! You can be outspoken, rude and disrespectful to other people, especially to those who don’t share the same status as you. You are dominant and you want things to go your way – when a person comes along who doesn’t want to walk on your leash, you get confused – and take it as a challenge! In the end, that person might be able to change your whole view of life and be able to dig out your warmer, caring side. So, keep your eyes open and let someone open you up.


Mostly D’s: The Cool Guy

Joe Cheng in It Started With a Kiss, Hu Yi Tian in A Love So Beautiful, Oguri Shun in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Matsuda Shota in Liar Game.

Congratulations! You are the cool guy of Dramaworld! You don’t usually share your thoughts out loud, but when you do, everyone is amazed by your brilliant words that seemed to literally come out of nowhere! Your smiles are like pieces of gold – they are rare but yet so precious, and your face is like it's made of stone – hard but not impossible to crumble. Your “mmhm”s, “ah”s, and leans on the wall make the innocent female leads go wild for you. Your hidden feelings, hard past, and hard shell are your charms – do not let go of them.

Mostly E’s: The Lovable Second Male Lead

Jung Jin Young in Love in the Moonlight, Kim Hyun Joong in Boys Over Flowers, Jung Yong Hwa in You’re Beautiful, Wang Kai in Love Me If You Dare.

You are the sweetest but usually unfortunate second male lead of Dramaworld! You are the one who despite your warm heart, your uttermost respect, protection and self-offering (= quarantined Jane Austen hero material!) will never end up with your true love (because usually either the arrogant or the cool male lead walks all over you and wins the heart of the love-of-your-life)! But don't despair! Although you lost your chance with her, you still have a huge fan base of sympathizers who love you till the end of the world. Actually, things are going quite well for you!

Mostly F’s: The Evil Enemy

Jung Woong In in I Hear Your Voice, Yoo Seung Ho in Missing You, Shin Sung Rok in You Who Came from the Stars, Kyun Mi Ri in Jewel in the Palace, Kim Sang Joong in City Hunter.

Lurking in the dark corner with a scary smile and cold eyes, you are the evil enemy who doesn’t let the hero take it easy! Often combined with a smart brain and determination, you carry out your plans mercilessly only waiting for the hero to get caught in your trap… Alas, the good always wins in the end. But at least you are not forgotten, coming back to haunt the hero in their dreams even years after you are gone…

Mostly G’s: The Evil Mother

Kim Young Ae in Moon that Embraces the Sun, Lee Hye Young in Boys Over Flowers, Park Joon Geum in Secret Garden, Kaga Mariko in Hana Yori Dango, Na Moon Hee in My Lovely Sam Soon.

Unfortunately usually hated by everyone, you are the evil mama of the rich boys of Dramaworld. Thinking that you know what is best for your only son, you dominate his life, and especially his love life. Knowing exactly who would be a suitable partner to marry your precious child, you do everything in your power to clear the unsuitable female lead (and the true love of your son) out of the game. And having money, brains, and power, you can easily do that. Unfortunately, in the end you end up clearing away your precious only son from your life as well.

Mostly H’s: The Obsessed Second Male Lead

Lee Joon Gi in My Girl, Shin Hyun Joon in Stairway to Heaven.

Usually, you are nice, polite, and considerate. Romantic even. Someone who would do anything for the one they love. And here comes the problem. When I say anything – I literally mean anything. You are going to chase the love of your life till the moon and back if that’s what it takes. You refuse to believe her when she tells you that she has no feelings for you – and even worse, has someone else in mind! You won’t accept that you have already lost the game and that she will never be yours. You continue to woo her till it becomes frustrating to you, her, and especially – me. Stop it, please. It may seem romantic at first but it soon becomes something totally else – creepy.

Mostly I’s: The Alien

Lee Seung Gi in Gu Family Book, Kim Soo Hyun in You Who Came from the Stars, Gong Yoo in Goblin, Shin Min Ah in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Who wouldn’t love to own some superpowers? Still, being different than the rest of the world, you feel that you are an outsider, a loner in this world, craving for someone to understand you and a life that would give you a place to be accepted and welcomed. The secret in reaching your goal is to fall in love with a totally normal human being.  Although, be prepared for them running away screaming when you reveal your slightly different side…

Mostly J’s: The Loyal Sidekick

Lee Yi Kyung and Lee Seung Jun in Nine: Nine Times Time Travel, Chen Long in Nirvana in Fire, Park Eun Hye in Jewel in the Palace, Lee Won Jong in Vampire Prosecutor, Kwak Dong Yeon in Love in the Moonlight.

You are the oh-so-faithful and ever-needed loyal sidekick! You are there when you are needed, you will go through rocks and stones to help your best friend (who still manages to steal the spotlight) and you will never leave them in trouble. You are the one who knows the hero’s most guarded secrets and has seen them at their best and worst. Even though you do not get the main hero/heroine in the end, your greatest reward, compared to those unfortunate second male and female leads, is to still be able to stay by your friend’s side even after the end.

Mostly K’s: The Rival in Love

Lai Megan in Mars, Kim Tae Hee in Stairway to Heaven, Park Shi Yeon in My Girl, Hong Ri Na in Jewel in the Palace.

Jealous and mean, you are the often-so-very-irritating second female lead of Dramaworld! Hatred and jealousy throw a party in your mind when you see the love of your life hand in hand with someone who you consider plainer, dumber, and just in any way lower than you. Your eyes turn to ice and your cruel actions speak for your mind – you can’t understand how your perfect husband-to-be is actually preferring someone else over you! Your determination is something you should be proud of as there is no way anyone is going to steal the handsome male lead from you without a fight. Over your dead body, that is your motto.

Mostly L’s: The Undercover-Martial-Arts-Fighter-Secret-Agent-RevengerJi Chang Wook in Healer, Lee Joon Gi in Iljimae, Lee Min Ho in City Hunter, Lee Joon Gi (again :D) in Time Between Dog and Wolf.

Hiding under a black mask and dark, unreachable eyes, you are the ruler of the night. A loner whose dangerous missions hold your life on a leash that you cannot escape. Free at nights but tormented by your hard past and your lonely life by day, you keep on going, hoping that once you achieve your goal, the hunger inside you will be sated. Gifted with a high IQ, mysterious charms, and amazing skills, you secretly protect the ones you love – but will there ever be anyone to protect you?

I hope you had fun taking the test!

The stereotypical characters that I have chosen for this quiz represent classic (Korean) dramas. What other stereotypical characters can you think of? Have newer dramas created completely new types of characters? What about differences between countries: is there a typical character for Japanese dramas? What about Chinese dramas? Of course, historical dramas have their own typical characters, too!

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