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by Aya97 on April 3, 2014
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Taiwan's Stars

Heii, here I am with the second part of my article. Those of you that already read the first part you know what this will be about... the ones that haven't read it yet, well the link is above if you want to check it out.

Again, I want to thank everyone that helped me with the article, I would have never made it without you^^

Enough with these, here is the list.

Older than 30

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." - Mark Twain

1. Vanness Wu - 35 years

I think it's no surprise that this actor is in here. When you speak about Taiwan to a drama fan, she will most of the time think about the famous F4... that rises in every Asian country when it comes to eyecandy in dramas. God blessed him with good looks, but his acting talent is because of his hard work. I can sincerely admit that in my eyes, he wasn't handsome at first. I even though he looked kind of funny... but oh man can he act. I really love his emotional scenes where he sheds one or two tears... they seem so real. Unfortunately, this "jewel" is taken guys - he has been married since 2013, and she is a real beauty!

I really hope I'll see more of this guy in the future, with more excellent roles that will make me fall in love with him all over again.

Known for: Meteor Garden series, Autumn's ConcertoMaterial QueenTiamo Chocolate

2. Jiro Wang - 32 years

Who knew that this cutie will go such a long way. From the second lead guy (ISWAK & TKA) he became one of the most famous stars in Taiwan. Truth is he really developed as an actor in time. I haven't seen all his works, but he sure kept himself busy... Not to mention he is a singer as well. I admit that I am not a fan of his looks personally, but who am I to judge? Also, I have to add that he looks like a sad puppy when he cries... I want to take him in my arms and hold him tight.

Known for: ISWAK series, Hana KimiFabulous BoysKO One series, Absolute Boyfriend

3. Zhou Vic - 32 years

I adore and appreciate this actor. He played in my FAVORITE drama of all time: MARS. He is my favorite actor from Taiwan and I'm sure that will never change. I see him as a versatile actor that isn't afraid to surpass his limits. From hunted and tormented characters, he can go to comedic and stupid ones. I always enjoyed his works even though I'm not a big Taiwanese drama fan. I almost forget to add that he is handsome... Oh well, I think you can see that yourself. I also love his chemistry with his co-stars. I really think he deserves his place in this poll, and I hope he'll make more dramas in the future.

Known for: Love Me 10000 YearsMeteor Garden series, MARSBlack and WhiteSilence 

1. Ariel Lin - 31 years

I have to admit that I am not really sure about her acting skills... maybe I haven't seen enough of her works, but in my eyes, she plays almost the same kind of character every time. Always the same whiny girl that needs saving and protection. Don't get me wrong, she sure plays it well, but I would love to see her in different roles as well. For how she looks... I would say that if she told anyone she was in her mid twenties, he/she would believe her. She has this cute looks that seems to me it will never get old. What I am sure of is that she is one of the most popular Taiwanese actresses out there: Commercial Princess!

Known for: ISWAK series, Legend of the Condor HeroesIn Time With YouLovesickPrince of Lan Ling

2. Chen Ivy - 31 years

The difference between her and the other actors here is that she hasn't been popular for as long as them. From what I know people started paying her attention first time in 2009 and the magic happened in 2011. This means that her works since then have been really well received to be able to break through other veterans in the industry. Truth is that she made it. As for her acting skills, well, I think that she is one of the "loud" type... but this is typical in Taiwanese romcoms so I can't argue with that. As for her looks, I think she is really pretty in the natural way. I'm really fond of people with that kind of image so maybe I'm a bit biased :D

Known for: LoveBlack and WhiteSkip Beat!Hear Me

3. Barbie Hsu - 37 years

Well, her parents choose her name well for sure! I love Barbie (not the doll), she is my favorite Taiwanese actress. I really admire her acting skills and at every sad scene that she had I found myself crying... Did I mention how beautiful she is when she cries?! Who does that, people? I am everything but beautiful in these moments! Anyway the main idea is that she isn't only "viewing pleasure" but can actually perform. Also, if Ariel is the princess of Taiwan, than Barbie is the Queen (extra: what's with Taiwan and its names?!). I hope that her baby will grow up well and then I'll be able to see more of her on my computer screen:))

Known for: Meteor Garden series, MARSCorner with LoveSummer's Desire

Younger than 30 or 30

"Youth is the trustee of prosperity." - Benjamin Disraeli

1. Mike He - 30 years

I could have bet that this guy will be here. For many years now, Mike He has been in viewers' hearts and never left them. I love this man! He is a great actor with looks and personality to match. He was voted year after year as one of the most loved actors in Taiwan and has a long list of dramas under his belt. Also, when I think that he is only 30, I get very happy imagining how bright the future looks. Not to mention that I am still rooting for him and Rainie as a couple after all those years :D

Known for: Spring LoveBad GirlsDevil Beside YouWhy Why LoveBull Fighting

2. Aaron Yan - 27 years

Look what we have here, a flower boy! And not only a flower boy, but also the new heartbreaker that Taiwan has. Well, you can't not love him. He can act, sing, smile and breath... he is PERFECT. Ok, I'm done, sorry for that. I am not really accustomed to him yet because I kind of been lazy with Taiwanese dramas lately, so I'm kind of behind with them. But I saw some of his works and heard about him around MDL, so I can say that he is popular nowadays and for a reason. Every girl loves a good looking boy that loves only her, and he is soo GOOD at this. As for his acting talent, I can't say my opinion on it yet because I'm not really sure myself... I guess only time will decide the faith of this young man:))

Known for: Gloomy Salad DaysLove BuffetAlice in Wonder CityJust You

3. Chen Bo Lin - 30 years

What a manly man we have here! He really looks older than he is, but in a good way. Also. I really love his acting style. It's natural, charismatic and professional. It hasn't been long since he appeared on the small screen, having done more movies than dramas. I really hope that in the future, he will decide to do more and more of those because seeing him 20 hours is better than only 2:)). One thing I love about him is that hair and mole. I swear... that mole is sexy as damn. Ok, I'm fangirling again without a reason... who am I kidding, he is enough of a reason!
Anyway, I can't wait to see what he had planned for us in the near future:)

Known for: In Time With YouWaiting in the darkL-O-V-ELovesickBuddha Mountain

1. Yang Rainie - 29 years

One word that really describes Rainie in my opinion in lovable! Even if her timber voice is kind of high and annoying sometimes (especially in her early years), the girl knows how to make you fall for her charms. I admit that I'm not one of her biggest fans when it comes to acting, but she is the actress that I've seen most in movies and dramas. Beside that, she is also a singer (well it seems that everyone in Asia that can sing, can act as well so...). I have to say that she rocks orange so well, who would have guessed? The good thing is that she really improved since her DBY days so I can just hope she will continue getting better and better.

Known for: Devil Beside YouWhy Why LoveMiss No GoodHi My SweetheartDrunken to Love You

2. Annie Chen - 24 years

What can a well picked drama do for you? Boost your popularity to a new level in her case. I can't say much about her acting skills because I haven't watched any of her works... yes, shame on me. But the thing I know for sure is that she wasn't well known for years until 2012. God gave her looks, a tall body, and the girl worked with it. Oh, why am I only 1,60 cm?! Anyway, I think there must be something about her because many people voted for her in the poll. I'm curious about her work in the future and I guess I'll keep an eye on her for now:)

Known for: MoMo LoveHappy & Love ForeverLove, NowLove Around

3. Ren Kirsten - 25 years

It seems that a new face appeared that is ready to do some damage. She is another example for a drama that did well. Before 2013 you can say she was a no-name... than the sun looked upon her street and TAADAH an actress has been born. Again, I can't really say my opinion because I haven't watched her dramas, but I think (hope) that she is really worth the fuss that surrounds her. All in all, she is a beauty that I pray has some acting skills, if not... well she has plenty of time developing them:D

Known for: In a Good WayOur YearK.O.3an Guo

Well, this is the end of the second part of my article. I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to tell me your opinion as well :D

Also, please look forward to the 3rd and, at the same time, FINAL part of my article: the KOREAN version.

PS: Thanks again for the ones that helped me with their opinions :*