by AdeNike, July 3, 2014

I don’t know how many MDL'ers are excited for the Thai section but I know I am! I still need to update my list with the lakorns I have watched. There are already a couple of introductory posts about lakorns on MDL, so I will skip that here and dive into these very good recommendations.

Sao Chai Hi Tech [Hi Tech Maid]


Network: Channel 7

Main Actors: Om and Jui

What is it about? The relationship chart might get a bit confusing at first, but everything gets cleared up in the first two episodes. It is about a guy who got jilted at the altar and became a ‘’monster’’ for a very long time [you will be surprised by how long], he wouldn’t leave his room and ignored every responsibility he had. His grandmother and his sister found him a maid [a Hi tech], this maid happens to be friends with his sister. He finally returned back to his senses and guess who decides to drop back into his life? You guessed right. Apart from our main leads Aom Akkapan, Jui Warrataya, Amy Amika, there are other good and hilarious characters you should look forward to.

Why is it interesting? I personally like this lakorn to the point that I watched it twice without missing any minute or episode. Why? It opened the door to the world of Lakorns to me. A friend actually gave me the DVD to watch, but it had no English subtitles. I was wondering how I would watch it, so she explained the basics and I took it up from there. 

SCHT is a total package. Some of the characters are just downright hilarious, it isn’t under the genre comedy for the sake of having an additional genre. As for chemistry, it totally has it! To avoid any spoilers I will just give you the number of couples you should look out for – 3 couples, including the main leads. There were several plots but nothing confusing. Also the OST, it was amazing! I wasn’t bored at all. I don’t think I would have watched a boring show 22 eps long WITHOUT English subtitles. 

Do you need more convincing? Here's a little peek at the drama:

Mia Taeng [Legal Wife]


Network: Channel 3

Main Actors: Rome and Chompoo

What is it about? This Lakorn combines both business and arranged marriage. The business deals came to play in the later episodes of the drama. The *Pra Ek’s mum is against his relationship with his girlfriend, so she found him a wife. Of course he disagrees, but since the company is at stake he went along with the plan and made a promise to his girlfriend that he will divorce her after a year, something along that line. I’m sure we get a hint of what happens after that. The girlfriend does everything in and out of the book to make things the way they previously were. Just so you know the company is run by both the families of the girlfriend and Pra’ek.

Why is it interesting? This is will be good for those tired of seeing weak *Nang Eks in Thai dramas. One of the charming characteristics of Lakorns is how bitchy and evil a bad character can be, especially those exes. For those who watch Lakorns that’s no news, but for the newbies it might be news. The girlfriend doesn’t disappoint, she delivered. MT also delivers chemistry-wise. The OST didn’t strike me that much, maybe I didn’t pay much attention to it. The plot is very simple, but not boring at all. And of course we have those in charge of comic relief.

Do you need more convincing? I couldn't find any trailer,this is one of the OST with MV.

Full House [Thai version of K’s Full House]


Network: Channel 8

Main Actors: Mike and Aom

What is it about: It's the Thai version of Full House. I don’t think I need to write much here. You all know why, right? Because even non Lakorn-watchers have watched it and enjoyed it MORE than the Korean version.

Why is it interesting? An MDL'er recommended this to me, and I was wondering if it will do a good job. Sincerely speaking, I’m not a fan of the Korean version. This one had the same storyline as the K-version, with little differences here and there. She gets tricked into going abroad and her house gets sold, she meets this famous star in the plane,...
You might be wondering if there isn’t much difference plot-wise from the K-version. And I am sure you're wondering about what makes it better. I will tell you, it is DELIVERY. It was delivered better than the K-version in my opinion. It's cute, sweet and fluffy. Also, if you are craving really light Lakorn, or a drama without much stress, something that will make you laugh and all. Full House will do the job perfectly well. The OST is also downright good, I have listened to them over and over again.

Do you need more convincing? Here's one of the teasers to get you started:

I really hope you enjoy watching them like I did ^_^

*Pra Ek – Male lead

*Nang Ek – Female lead

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