by Cheer, September 5, 2014

The cable channel MBN has decided to come back to Dramaland after a two years hiatus. It was one of the very first Korean cable channels that embarked on the Hallyu wave and started making dramas. However, shortly after their start, they quit due to the difficulty of the showbiz industry.


They recently announced that they will be giving dramas a second chance through their upcoming family-melodrama, Tears of Heaven. Led by Park Ji YoungHong Ah ReumIn Gyo Jin and Seo Joon Young, the drama will be a melodramatic take about family troubles and struggles. It will tell the story of a cold-hearted mother who abandoned her daughter countless times, in order to climb her own ladder of success. It’s practically an emotional take about mother-daughter relationship with many betrayals, fights and tears. It will also feature the famed Korean love-triangle between the daughter and two well-off men ( one never loved before until she came along and the other who was raised with her in the orphanage.)

The 50 episodes drama is scheduled to air starting November.

What do you think? Do you plan on watching to watch MBN’s comeback to Dramaland?