by ParkChohwa, December 22, 2014

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The King's Face


Sageuk dramas are ruling over my heart these days, and they're always my top priority. I was waiting for this drama to premier and instantly fell in love with it. Who wouldn't fall for Seo In Guk as a prince and Shin Sung Rok as a rebel?! What an awesome cast!!

Any drama can have a great cast then force us to drop it right after the first four episodes – or two maybe - but not this. Apart from the cast; there's the genuine and intriguing science of reading faces. Some people have watched the film The Face Reader so this is not new for them, but it is for me. I've always been into these arresting sciences; palm reading, fingerprints reading, etc… but this is my first time actually watching something on face reading. I don't know how reliable or accurate their face reading is, but they DO face read and that's so absorbing.


If you're watching Secret Door and are sad that it's ending, don't worry. Here comes another crazy father/son war (a rather bloodier one). King Seonjo (Lee Sung Jae; legendary Lee Sung Jae, groundbreaking Lee Sung Jae and the perfect villain Lee Sung Jae) had ascended the throne despite the royal face reader's (Lee Soon Jae) prophecy. Based on a book that states that kings are supposed to have certain features that allow them to rule the country justly; the face reader informed King Seonjo, when a prince, that his face would bring calamity to the country and the people. Defying the prophecy, King Seonjo becomes king. Things stay calm till he has his son; Prince GwangHae (Seo In Guk) who's born with a king's face. Trying to alter his son's features and to find a woman who'd complete his face – based on another theory - the king focuses his hatred, fear and inferiority complex on his son. Clever, quick-witted, considerate and filial GwangHae struggles between putting his father's worries to ease, stopping his father when doing injustice to his people and following his heart and his love for Kim Ga Hae (Jo Yoon Hee).


The cruelty of the father king is too heart wrenching so far (I'm only 6 episodes in). The episodes between the two are worth watching for their own sake.

Kim Ga Hee, our female lead, is courageous, upright and faithful. She falls into the impossible task of choosing between her heart and mind. Her archery skills are breathtaking. I hope the independent and feminist her wouldn't turn suddenly and strangely into a fragile cry-baby lead at the end of the drama. (You guys understand what I mean.)

The Daedong society is an organisation that calls for equality and justice. The principles that found the organisation are great. I still can't figure out if the members are going the right way. Yes, I can't but love the leader; Kim Do Chi (Shin Sung Rok; with the fringe down. Oh my god!), but I also can't decipher him. This actor never acts a black/white character so I'm not surprised that I'm utterly clueless when it comes to him (but in love all the same.)


Ah! Kim Gyu Ri is here acting as the king's concubine, Gwiin Kim, and perfectly and completely getting on my nerves.

The drama is full of suspense and activating events. The acting is superb and I'm really impressed. The plot is compulsive. In a nutshell; the drama is worth watching in every aspect.