by BrightestStar, November 20, 2015

Weekend Movie Recommendations 

This is my first weekend movie recommendation. The reason I decided to write this article, and might write more of it, is to shed the light on some of my favorite movies that in my view aren’t exposed enough in this community. Since I enjoyed those movies for one random reason or another, I wanted to share them with you guys since, you know, sharing is caring. Without further ado, here it goes.

I'll go with a theme, and for this weekend, the theme is Randomness.

Summer Time Machine Blues


Country: Japan                 Year: 2005                   Genre: Comedy / Sci-Fi

It’s about college students spending their summer away in their science fiction club, melting under the heat because the remote control of their air conditioner is broken. A time machine appears and of all things they could do with it, they want to use it to go back in the past and bring back a functional remote control. Hilarity ensues.

This one is the most random silly movies I’ve seen. It is perfect to cheer you up on a rainy day. Pure fun and entertainment, the kind we are familiar with coming from Japan. The cast is great and the characters are ones we can easily recognize ourselves in. I also love the idea of unassuming kids getting in over their head by something too extra-ordinary for them to handle.

King of Apology


Country: Japan                     Year: 2013              Genre: Comedy/Mystery

This movie is about someone who discovered the secret to solving all problems in this world, through apology. In a way, it could be considered a parody of the stereotype always placed on Japanese people in general. Throughout the movie, we watch Ryoro Kurojima (Abe Sadao) teaching different customers how to apologize to solve their problems. Each of these stories starts to have a faint connection, leading to a grand climate.

This movie is as hilarious as it is unpredictable. They took such a spin on the idea of apology, and, at the end of it, have a great message to convey. The outstanding cast was all up to the task of being utterly ridiculous.

The Foreign Duck, the Native Duck and God in a Coin Locker


Country: Japan                 Year: 2007           Genre: Mystery/Drama

This one isn’t a comedy, quite the opposite. However it fits right in the idea of randomness, in the way the story is told. College freshman Shiina (Gaku Hamada) meets and befriends his peculiar neighbor Kawasaki (Eita), who seems to bear a grudge on another neighbor, a foreigner. Then Kawasaki invites Shiina to help him steal a dictionary for said foreigner. As Shiina tries to make sense of his friend’s actions, he starts to realize not everything is at it seems.

This movie is like a tug at the heart for me. As many hidden messages get revealed, so do many emotions of friendship, love, kindness, regret, fear, pain, hate, and the list goes on. The cast had great chemistry, and we meet here one of our favorite duo. I will not say more and leave it for you guys to discover it.

I hope you guys enjoy my recommendations and enjoy your weekend ;)