by ParkChohwa, February 29, 2016

The human is not a killing machine, though every one of us is a potential killer. That's what science and historical studies claim. We tend not to prefer killing, and in battles or wars the percentage of killing is way smaller than what the cinema presents to us, but if we're programmed to justify killing and accept it, we repress our tendency not to kill and do kill. Killing is not a taboo like sex, for example. We see killing all around the world daily, and we often take sides. Yes! We justify! We decide whose life is worth more than others. We give religious, social and political reasons for killing. Not just taking sides, we sometimes support killing. This is how the world goes. What left is only for your mind to judge. You choose what to think. 

Jung Kyung Ho: Ja Myung Go


So after I finished watching the ever-miserable Sorry I Love You, there was no way on earth I’d love Jung Kyung Ho. He was just the worst kind of character I’d watched. I hate that whiny obsessive asshole type and no, I didn’t sympathize with him one bit. So when I was about to start Ja Myung Go –I was not into Jung Ryeo Won either. Not yet- I had to focus on my deep and unfaltering love for Lee Joo Hyeon to start it and I’m so glad I did. After this masterpiece, I couldn’t possibly hate Jung Kyung Ho any longer. He played a ruthless prince worrying about his own survival and aiming for his father’s approval which caused him to commit different kind of crimes in the name of the kingdom. Despite his conflicted and incomprehensible actions and despite his cruelty at many moments, I couldn’t but fall for the gorgeous prince and yes I understand why Princess Nak Rang (Park Min Young in my first show of her) would do what she did for him. You need to gather your wits about you when you watch this drama.

Jang Dong Gun: No Tears for the Dead


In No Tears for the Dead, Jang Dong Gun didn’t portray a character calling for sympathy. No! From the very beginning, till the last moment he was an inhumane killer massacring people here and there. And if you don’t know who Jang Dong Gun is and you’re not a fan, you’ll mostly hate his guts. Traumas do make criminals. Childhood does ruin entire lives. I know because I’ve been there. But to live as a contract killer while consciously knowing you shouldn’t, is a different matter. That last call of humanity revived something in him and led him to a different track but didn’t stop him from killing. It’s not an easy question to summarize in a few lines and I didn’t go through what he went through so I don’t know but … The beauty and the curse of questioning maybe!

I would have loved to add Typhoon here but I simply can’t. JDG was a killer alright there but not charismatic. His character lacked depth and his tries at giving it that depth failed miserably. A North Korean boy who lost his whole family in front of his eyes and grew up only seeking revenge could have given more.

Shim Ji Ho: Open City


And my oh my how hot he was there!

I have a boss. I have a crush on my boss. My boss doesn't have the slightest clue. I want to leave an impression on her. I kill for her.


Yes, that’s what Shim Ji Ho did for Son Ye Jin in the breathtaking Open City. He was inexcusable but he was painful to watch. The kind of character you wished existed in a total different dimension but at the same time can picture him nowhere else.

Uhm Ki Joon: Man of Vendetta


No sympathy. No understanding. Scary to the bone. Marvelous acting Uhm Ki Joon.

You know like I know that perfecting a psychopath role is not an easy issue and you know how emotionally and psychologically demanding it is. And Uhm Ki Joon did it so well it was mortifying. His character had certain, mmm let’s say convictions, in his mind and he simply acted upon them. It doesn’t matter in the least how outrageous and horrifying these convictions are. And thankfully we’re not presented by any background information on the nutcase because such a being should not in million years be pitied.

The hard part was the actor being Uhm Ki Joon and Uhm Ki Joon being one of my top actors. What have you done to me, Goddess of Cruelty?!

Yoo Ji Tae

The Legendary Courtesan Hwang Jin Yi


Yoo Ji Tae! This precious genius!

In a society that treats slaves worse than animals, if the slave rejects his given role, he has no other choice but to become strong. But with no real social power or status, his strength remains active in the shadows; through bloody plots.

Could I in the name of heavens blame him or his fellow brethren? How would I? When it was never their choice! Don’t tell me nothing justifies killing! Well this is what you and I can talk about over a cup of coffee in our warm and safe houses. Oh how terrifying! Really! I don’t think we’d be able to say that if we were in their shoes. Watch only one sageuk film or drama and see if you can talk to me about killing be unjustifiable. I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

Nomi’s murders went overboard at times and yes that doesn’t fall under the heated argument above. But at the same time because he did commit ‘’irrelevant’’ crimes doesn’t mean slaves should have accepted their lot in lives and lived quietly. Spare me!

Have you ever tried to walk into any killer character's shoes before? Why don't you choose one of the above and try?